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Importance of Physical Therapy for Children

Many children who suffer from some deficiency caused at the time of birth or due to subsequent injury require physical therapy. Physical therapy is a service designed to provide balanced skill to the children suffering from some disorder. Therapists who specialise in children related disorders work with families to help the child overcome deficiencies and […]

Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy Symptoms

General epilepsy is a neurological condition, which affects the nervous system. This is also known as a seizure disorder. But Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy is a different type of epilepsy. Symptoms: Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (JME) is an epilepsy syndrome characterized by a myoclonic seizure sometimes followed by tonic-clonic seizure and then absence seizure. Myoclonic seizures are […]

Dolphin Therapy For Autism

Autism is a development disorder which starts from the time of birth of a child, or begins to show up within the first three years of the life of the child. It is basically a neurological disorder and changes the way the brain functions. It is a cause of difficulty for the affected person to […]

Does Your Child Need A Hearing Aid?

All five senses are important for proper development of a child and the loss of any of them is traumatic. The sense of hearing is also very important and the good thing is that modern hearing aids can help to a great degree should the need arise. Only a qualified doctor can decide after intensive […]

How To Help Your Child Cope With Learning Disability?

It is the desire of all parents to see that their children are fully hale and hearty and suffer from no disorder. They want the child to grow up into a good citizen and prosper in life but when the parents come to know that their child is suffering from learning disability, they often feel […]

Symptoms Of Sensory Disorder In Children

Sensory disorder is a type of disorder present in children as a result of which they react to certain things in an unusual manner and not in a manner in which a normal child will react. These children are either hypersensitive or under sensitive. This sensitivity often affects body functions. The cause of this problem […]

Symptoms Of ADD In Children Test

ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder is a problem with the children as a result of which they are unable to behave in a manner as the children of their age do. They have problem in reading, learning or even movement as a result of hyperactivity. The first to find out about the problem with the […]

Alternative Treatments For ADD In Children

Attention Deficit Disorder is a problem found in some children. The cause of this disorder is improper development of the brain during the time child was in mother’s womb or injury to brain during early childhood which hampers normal development. Due to lack of proper development the child is unable to perform in the way […]

Parenting A Child With ADD

Attention Deficit Disorder is a problem faced by children as a result of which they are unable to concentrate on the tasks they do. Such children are unable to decide the routine for doing a particular thing. They are unable to decide where to start, how to proceed and how to end. For any task […]