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10 Ways for Teaching Spirituality to your Children

When it comes to several things like, religion, trust, hope or spirituality, all parents are simply the ambassadors of their children. They show things around their kids but personally, parents are not aware of the actual fact. However, the investigation is well worth the effort. According to a research, individual spirituality can provide much more […]

Effective Child Discipline Methods

Making your child disciplined is the biggest challenge for parents. This is a taxing but rewarding experience for the parents. The techniques that are effective on a child differ from one child to the other. Also the environment in which a child is placed effects his behavior and the methods to be used to discipline […]

Setting Limits With Children For Discipline

It is the duty of the parents to discipline the children to whom they have given birth and are bringing up. To properly discipline the child the parents have to teach them a number of things including setting limits for them. The limits up to which the child can go, depend upon the age of […]

Time Out For Children Is Effective For Discipline

Children are often mischievous, only the extent of mischief differs from child to child. Some children are easy to control and can be made to behave easily, while other children are naughty and even require harsh treatment. There are different ways of punishing a child, some of them being persuasion, spanking and time out. Amongst […]

How To Discipline A Strong Willed Child ?

Children can be classified as normal children and children who are aggressive or having strong will. It will not be wrong to say they have disruptive tendency. Their main focus is on unrest in the family or amongst the siblings. These children have to be dealt in a specialized manner. Exercising patience by the parents […]

Toddler Discipline Techniques With Love

Due to non-development of reasoning skill, toddlers have to be disciplined with a positive explanation. Often they are unable to understand logic of what they are being told. Take the case of a movie in which the mother is trying to explain the child not to put the screw in the mouth as it is […]

Spanking Is Not A Solution For Discipline

A child is the biggest asset of any person. The success of a child primarily depends upon the way he is brought up. Parents are initial teachers of the child. Child should be reminded of his good qualities. It is not necessary that the child should be punished for his wrong doings but the correct […]