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How to Prevent Your Child from Dog Bites ?

Thousands of households have pet dogs. A dog is considered to be the best friend of a man, but it is essential that the dog you own and keep should be given some amount of training to ensure that it does not ill treat the guest or people moving around in everyday around your home. […]

How to Treat Frequent Nose Bleed in Children ?

Nose bleeding in children generally occurs when they are between the ages of 2 years to 10 years. In case nose bleeding occurs in infants, it could be a cause of concern and needs investigation. In most of the cases nose bleeding is occasional and does not appear frequently, however in some cases it could […]

Heat Stroke in Children Signs and Symptoms

Our body is made in such a manner that under normal circumstances it tries to maintain its temperature at the normal level. If the body is exposed to excess of cold or hot weather conditions, it works overtime to maintain body temperature at the normal level. When a child gets exposed to a very high […]

Signs of Dehydration in Children

Dehydration means lack of adequate quantity of fluid in the body of a child. Dehydration could be caused in the child due to medical reasons like vomiting or diarrhea which results in loss of fluid and this could be associated with lack of intake of fluid from mouth. In addition to sickness the child may […]

Computer Repetitive Strain Injuries in Kids

Each and every activity undertaken by a child involves some level of stress and strain. The level of stress can be reduced to a great extent by following proper instruction and by taking breaks in between work. Computer is probably the latest addition of gadgets which keep the child involved for hours. This is a […]

Prevent High Cholesterol in Children

During earlier times it was considered that cholesterol is an age related problem and starts to show when a person grows old. Now it has been found that many kids even in pre teen age are suffering from high or unwanted level of cholesterol in their blood. Cholesterol is a wax like fatty substance produced […]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children

Any major unpleasant event is bound to leave its mark on a child. The stress a child undergoes and the accompanying symptoms result in a disorder called post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. The symptoms manifest themselves usually within three months of the trauma and may continue for years. However there is no hard and […]

Pica Eating Disorder in Children

Pica is a disorder in many children who have craving for non food items. Pica patients have craving to eat non food material like dirt, clay, sand, mud, glue, ice, laundry starch, hair and such other things. This craving for non food items may be associated with: Nutritional deficiency, the patient may be deficient in […]

Peanut Allergy Symptoms in Children

These days allergic reaction to some item of food is quite common in children. Many items of food cause allergic reaction in children especially young children. Peanuts are one such item of food. The allergic reaction may be milder in some cases whereas in others it could be very severe resulting in anaphylaxis which could […]