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Pica Eating Disorder in Children

Pica is a disorder in many children who have craving for non food items. Pica patients have craving to eat non food material like dirt, clay, sand, mud, glue, ice, laundry starch, hair and such other things. This craving for non food items may be associated with: Nutritional deficiency, the patient may be deficient in […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder in Children

Seasonal affective disorder or SAD is a form of depression. It follows a particular pattern, and it is linked to the availability of natural light. Those who suffer from SAD experience depression during the winter months as the daylight hours are shortened. As winter gives way to spring and the days become longer, the symptoms […]

OCD Symptoms in Children

Every living person has some worry or the other. People of different ages have different type of worries. Generally children are worried about their study, exams and other such things. Some children have the habit of worrying too much or develop it so much that they start to worry about things for which, at this […]

Body Dysmorphic Disorder in Teens

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) also called Dysmorphic syndrome is a type of mental illness and the person affected by this illness is concerned more and more about the image of his body and is excessively concerned about perceived defects of his or her physical features. The affected person generally complains about the physical features or […]

Binge Eating or Overeating Disorder in Children

There are times or functions at which there is a tendency of a child to eat as much as possible. A child may eat a dozen cookies during late night study during exam time. This does not represent some disorder in the child. In case the child is unable to control his habit of overeating […]

Sleepwalking in Children Causes

Sleep walking is very common in children though it occurs only occasionally and children grow out of it as they grow older. It is also called somnambulism. The behaviour exhibited by a child said to be sleep walking covers a wide range. A child may sit up while asleep and then lie down. This is […]

TMJ Symptoms In Children

TMJ refers to the Temporomandibular Joint. It indicates the temple area and the mandible or lower jaw. TMJ is the medical condition which affects the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull. If you place your fingers lightly in front of your ear and open your mouth, you can feel the ends of […]

What is Nature Deficit Disorder in Kids?

Nature deficit disorder is a recent term and refers to the trend of modern day children to remain confined to the four walls of their homes. As a result of this non exposure to nature, they develop certain problems mostly related to behavior, which were not generally found in children of older times who used […]

Attachment Disorder In Children

Attachment disorder is a broad term intended to describe disorder of mood, behaviors and social relationships arising from a failure to form normal attachment to primary care giving figures in early childhood, resulting in problematic social expectations and behaviors. Such a failure would result from unusual early experiences of neglect, abuse abrupt separation from caregiver, […]