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Dealing With Separation Anxiety In Preschool Children

Right from the time of birth a child spends most of the time with parents especially mother. She gives him food when hungry and takes care of every emotion of the child. When the child is ready to learn how to walk, she teaches the child to walk and even picks him up in the […]

Important Role Of Parents In Child Education

Parents are the first teachers of the child. Older siblings and other family members may also be involved to help the child. A child gets his first informal lesson from the parents. The lesson of being disciplined begins at home and this starts from the age the child learns to understand. As the child grows […]

Building Communication with your Child's Teacher

Parents are the first teachers of a child. A child tends to learn the most from parents, quite often every act of the parents is copied by the child. After the child gets his first lessons from the parents, then comes the turn of the teacher. Once in school, the child starts formal learning from […]

How To Teach Children Computer Skills?

In today’s world computer has achieved a distinct place. The extent of information available on the internet has made things easier to learn. A person however highly placed will be considered illiterate if he is not aware about operation of a computer. Like adults, it is necessary that a child must be aware of computer. […]

Motivate Children, To Make Them A Responsible Citizen

Are you a parent who unleashes gruesome punishments for the failure of your child in a class test? Then, stop it a while and look into you. Did you ever encourage them when they made a small betterment in their studies? Or are you approaching them with your endless wish list to them? Then this […]

It's Better To Pursue Course Of Kid's Choice

What is the use of education if you are studying for any others ? Most of the students dream from the childhood about their job. Most of them change their ambition in course of time. However, many students are forced to change their ambition. Many parents start dreaming about their child’s career even before they […]

Interesting Science Projects For Children Are Must

In today’s competitive world, it is very necessary to provide quality education to children. Science is a subject of great significance not only today but it is the main subject that was advocated by Greek political thinkers like Plato and Aristotle. Science is all around us. Everything a child sees or does is related to […]

Importance Of Children Educational Software

Use of technology has become one of the most essential building blocks of the present education system. If you want exceptional material, you have to park yourself in front of a computer. Educational software helps you to develop interest for studies among your little children. Educational software makes education an easy access for everyone. These […]

Importance Of Parental Involvement In Education

Parents ought to prepare their children so that they are able to face hardships of future life and are able to overcome difficult situations with tactfulness. It is a very tricky task to prepare your child for future but it is very worthwhile too. It is the parents who feel divine pleasure when their children […]