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Tips For Buying Children's Books

Books are the best friends for everyone but the importance of a book gets doubled when we are concerned about giving the right direction to the life of our loved ones. A book is valuable for the mental growth of your child. Good and inspiring books not only enhance the cognitive abilities of a child […]

Is Your Child Not Performing Well At School ?

Every parent in this world desires to be the parent of an intelligent, gifted, bright, smart and active child. We want that even if our child is good at sports, dancing or singing, he must perform exceptionally well at school. Parents are desperate to do anything to help their child stand first in class. Some […]

Importance Of Renewable Energy For Kids

In today’s time of energy crisis, it is the duty of every individual to develop the habit of using renewable energy. We should change the pattern of energy usage. Developing the habit of using conserved energy will surely assure the existence of our future generations. Our children can enjoy a better and safe life if […]

Children's Linguistic Development Tips

Language is the medium of communication. One can win the entire world with one’s linguistic power. Many priests, saints and religious preachers, all rule thousands of hearts with their linguistic intelligence. Linguistic intelligence means the capability to read and write well. It is a fact that who have good communication skills, become skilled at and […]

How to Improve Writing Skills for Kids ?

It is an important duty of every parent to give right direction to the life of his child and to shape his child’s future at a very young age. Of course it is difficult in the beginning when the attention point of your child is toys and games. But as an ideal parent it is […]

Best Pre-School Curriculum Planning For Home

It is a difficult question that every parent faces, as to ‘what should be the pre school curriculum plan for my child?’ A child at the age of 2 years is capable of gaining knowledge of many skills by identifying bits and pieces of materials, information etc. You can teach him alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes […]

How To Improve Your Child's Reading Habit ?

Everyone wants to see his child become a genius. We all know that today’s generation is very sharp-minded but the common complaint of parents is that their child does not take interest in studies or in reading of books. There is good news that by using some tested tips you can improve the reading habit […]

Should You Hire A Tutor For Your Child ?

Education of the child is the main responsibility of parents. In the fast world of today, parents don’t have time to help their children do homework and solve mathematical problems. For the better development of a child, parents switch to tutors. Arranging a tutor for their child is also a status symbol for high profile […]

Teaching Children to Care and Respect for the Environment

Nature is very amazing and beautiful. Whenever we are in the lap of nature, we get peace as well as inspiration. Nature refreshes us and encourages us to do well in life. As a responsible parent, the best gift you can give to your child is to introduce him to varied aspects of nature. Children […]