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What Is The Importance Of Preschool Library?

Reading is a good habit. A child learns a lot when he sees pictures in the books. A child often raises a series of questions when he sees something interesting in books. Even if we answer all his questions we can’t satisfy him because his imagination is much wider than us. Parents are the first […]

Causes of Poor Performance of Children in Schools

It’s a very common problem with many a student that they don’t perform at school as expected. This naturally is a source of great worry for the parents and teachers as well. What the reasons behind it ? Is it the defective education system or is it some kind of lapse (intentioned or inadvertent) on […]

How To Deal With Social Pressure In School?

Social pressure can be of many types as far as school going students are concerned. It may be a result of unusually high parental expectations, comparison with peers, expectations of a particular social/religious group etc. Mostly social pressures surface in kids in the form of anxiety. This pressure can be so great as to turn […]

Preparing Home Schooling Environment

Home schooling your children is yet another way to teach them to learn the various arts of life. They easily include reading, writing or even drawing and painting. But setting up a home schooling environment isn’t a cake walk at all. Each time you enter someone’s house which has a similar setting, you’d notice that […]

How to teach reading comprehension to kids ?

Knowledge sure holds immense importance in today’s fast paced world. If you have knowledge, you are the boss whereas if you don’t, your luck will soon take a backseat. Every parent takes pride in projecting his child’s intelligence, irrespective of his age. It’s quite praiseworthy to have children who are well read and well-informed. In […]