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Preparing Teenage Children To Take Care Of Their Health

Health care learning is an important aspect of the life of any individual. The process starts the moment the child begins to understand the outside world. Parents are the first teachers of any child and during the initial years he generally looks towards them for any instructions on anything that he may have doubts about […]

Activities that Promote a Healthy Lifestyle for Children

Being healthy and leading a good life is the topic of discussion amongst families and in family gatherings in which the children are present with parents. With a lot of material available in the public domain more and more people are going through and reading it. They do try to implement some of the suggestions […]

Ideal Body Weight for Children

It is the desire of all parents to have a child who has optimum weight depending upon his height and body structure. In case the child is overweight, he may be vulnerable to many medical problems. If he is underweight, then too he could be suffering from medical problems and both cases needs medical treatment. […]

How to Make your Child Active and Fit?

With the entry of a TV set in each bedroom and computers in each household, these have resulted in children becoming less active. Instead of indulging in outdoor activities they prefer to sit and watch the material of TV or computer during the available time, resulting in making them couch potatoes and obesity is spreading […]

Smoking Information for Kids

Smoking is injurious for the health of any human being. This warning is prominently printed on the packaging of cigarettes and other tobacco products. Of late, as per the amended regulations, it is necessary to print a picture of the consequences of smoking on the packaging. This is just to discourage the existing and prospective […]

Why Exercise is Important for Kids?

Exercise is essential for a person of every age. Depending upon the age the extent of exercise necessary differs. In addition to the time needed to be spent doing exercise the nature of exercise also differs from person to person and for persons of different ages. When any one talks of exercise, one starts to […]

Activities to Keep Your Toddler Fit

Obesity is spreading like an epidemic in the developed world. Children, mostly from affluent section of society, tend to become overweight due to two reasons. The first being good and healthy food and the second being lack of activity or exercise. It is necessary that the child should be on a balanced diet and should […]

Strength Training for Kids

Strength training is used to make the muscles stronger. It should not be confused with body building or weight lifting which are taboo for children. In body building, adults train with heavy weights to increase the bulk of their muscles to participate in competitions. Strength training is meant to increase the general fitness and efficiency […]

Food Allergy Insomnia In Children

A study has been done on the sleep disorder of children. According to the study, sleep disorder or insomnia in children is often caused by food allergies. The incidents of allergic reaction of the food causing insomnia are not known for sure, but this disorder is often experienced by children under the age of five […]