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What Is Childhood Obesity ?

It is a common experience that children are not taught the importance of nutrition and hence they don’t mind being over-weight. What is obesity ? Obesity is nothing but the unnecessary accumulation of fat. If your son has 25% more body weight than is recommended for his age, he falls in the obese category. Similarly, […]

Know About Child Allergy

Nature has made us in a stunning way. A baby who is just yet born has full capability of identifying between harmful and beneficial foreign bodies. The immune system of a baby is such developed as to fight with the harmful agents that enter the body. However, there are certain substances, which are okay for […]

Betwetting (Enuresis) In Children

Bedwetting can be a source of much discomfort and humiliation for young children. Bedwetting or enuresis, as it is called in medical parlance, is a major source of embarrassment for many children in the 4-16 age group. According to some studies, about 15-20% of the school going children in the above-mentioned age group suffer from […]

What Is Baby Colic ?

A colicky baby can be a source of immense agony for the parents. Parents have to be educated in this regard. Let’s gain some information on this matter. Colic is basically the pattern of excessive crying in a baby and there is no concrete reason for this crying. The baby is otherwise normal and healthy. […]

Jaundice In Newborn Babies

Most parents panic when they hear the word ‘Jaundice’ and if it’s in their newborn the anxiety levels are all the more higher. But there is nothing really to worry. Parents need not take the blame on themselves for the situation. It could happen to any one any time. When it happens with a newborn, […]

Smoking Causes Baby SIDS

Smoking is injurious to health of the smoker and affects those around too. Little infants at home and in the womb of the mother are no exceptions. They are affected more than the grown ups and may suffer life long disabilities. They are in great danger of cot death due to insufficient Oxygen supply and […]

What is Infant Urinary Tract Infection ?

Urinary Tract Infections occurs commonly in children due to lack of cleanliness in the private parts. Urinary Tract Infection is the infection of the urinary tract which includes two kidneys, bladder, two ureters and a urethra. It’s caused by bacteria and the child experiences extensive pain while passing urine. The urine has foul smell too. […]

How to Relieve Infant Constipation at Home ?

Many parents are confused about their baby’s natural bowel movements. Some babies have only one move per day or once every few days. On the basis of medical professionals, this is perfectly normal. Without the right drugs or consult with a pediatrician, many parents come to the conclusion of their child is constipated. Baby Constipation […]

How Much should a Newborn Baby Sleep ?

Sleeping Patterns In The Period Of Infancy In the first three to four weeks after birth, the infant sleeps frequently both during day as well as night. His only need is food (milk) so he wakes up just to get it. After the fourth week, his period of sleep increases but the frequency of sleeping […]