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In many countries and states, different doctors follow different immunization schedules and it comes as no surprise to encounter parents who are confused about the whole matter. A newer and most widely followed schedule for immunization is as follows: Childhood Immunization Schedule AGE                                 VACCINE Birth-3 months                                    BCG Vaccine 0-2 weeks                                          Oral Polio vaccine 6 […]

What are Child Vaccinations and How do They Work ?

Everyone knows that when a child is born he is regularly vaccinated to protect him from deadly diseases. Following are the facts which are always questioned by parents: What is the Vaccination ? To understand this, we must understand our body’s defense system or immunity. Viral diseases occur only once in one’s life. After that […]

Infant Cold And Stuffy Nose Remedies

A running or stuffy nose is probably the most common symptom encountered in infants. All children, at sometime or the other, will have this problem. In a majority of cases, the cause is infant cold, a viral infection or an allergy. In between due to congestion and infection, the nose may get blocked and cause […]

Baby Diarrhea Treatment and Prevention with Home Remedies

A mild degree of baby diarrhea can be safely treated at home. You should stop giving milk and solids to the baby for at least 24 hours and gradually re-introduce a normal diet over the following days. On the first day, instead of milk you may give glucose solution by taking two level teaspoonfuls of […]

Symptoms and Causes of Baby Diarrhea

It is estimated that 70 million children, under the age of 5 years die every year. In 30% of these children the diarrhea is associated with malnutrition. While diarrhea can be worrying in small babies, in older children it is unlikely to cause any health risk as long as you ensure that your child has […]

How to Reduce High Fever in Children ?

High fever in children may be a symptom of any infection or disease. Fever is an indicator that the body is fighting with causes like external infections or viruses. Fatigue and lethargy in children are the common visible symptoms of illness among kids. Fever is not a disease. It is the defense mechanism of the […]

Most Common Causes of Fever in Children

In main symptoms of fever in children are headache, vomiting, shivering, chills, body ache, furred tongue, constipation, high coloured urine, convulsions (Fits) in children, confusion, irrelevant behavior are the normal symptoms of fever in kids. Common causes of fever In main causes of fever in children are common cold, viral infection of upper respiratory tract, […]