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When Does Your Child Need A Psychologist?

It is more difficult to come to terms with mental illness of the child than with physical illness. Parents feel guilty that it is brought about through some fault of theirs. Others may feel a social stigma will be attached to their child if his mental illness becomes a public knowledge. Mental illness is easier […]

Prevent E Coli With Baby Swim Diapers

Many types of bacteria are found in the human body. Most of the bacteria have a positive role to play. They help in augmenting the digestive system for full digestion of food and release of energy much needed by human body. However, some strains of bacteria have harmful effect and may be a cause of […]

How Parents Should Motivate Overweight Child?

With a commercial motive, soda drink manufacturers and fast food joints are indulging in heavy advertisement campaign, attracting people of all ages towards them. The items of fast food and soda drinks contain a lot of sugar and are rich in fat. These are added to make them tasty. After a few trials, an individual […]

Parasites In Children Symptoms

When toddlers or children play together, and if any one of them is infected with parasites, the whole group is likely to get them. These parasites tend to multiply very fast, and once anyone in the house is affected, the other members of the family are likely to have them. One of the most common […]

How To Use Digital Ear Thermometer?

Each household having a young child needs a thermometer. Children, due to low resistance, often get exposed to some infection or changing weather and develop fever. For measurement of body temperature different types of thermometers are available in the market, the most common being mercury bulb filled thermometer. This is not very safe as mercury […]

Effects Of Caffeine And Soda Drinks In Children

Caffeine is an important ingredient of soda drinks and coffee. If consumed regularly this is addictive. As per research, if a child consumes more than 100 mg of caffeine daily, he or she may have health problems. This chemical results in speeding up of heart beat, and also is a cause of sleeplessness and headache. […]

Antibacterial Soap vs Regular Soap

For healthy and disease free living the most important thing is that the hands should be washed properly and quite frequently. It is essential to wash hands after every visit to the toilet, before eating anything and also before giving feed to baby. Washing hands is essential as it helps remove germs, dust and bacteria. […]

Sick Child Should Stay Home From School

During these difficult times when living is costly and most of the women are working to earn or to further their career, it becomes difficult for them stay at home to look after sick children. Some of the parents have the facility of keeping sick children with older or other relatives, while others have no […]

Child's Skin Wound Care At Home

In all probability an active child will get a few cuts or nicks while playing but these should not be cause of much worry to the parents. Disinfectant, an antiseptic ointment and band aid will treat such minor bruises. Sometimes while playing the skin gets scraped from legs and arms, particularly the elbows and knees […]