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Over The Counter Drugs For Children Cold And Flu

Drugs available in the market have been classified into different categories, considering the effects that the patient may have as a result of consuming them. Some of the medicines can be purchased only by presenting the prescription of the doctor, while the others called over the counter drugs are available in stores and can be […]

Cold And Flu Prevention Tips For Kids

Flu is a common disease which affects most of the children at one point of time or the other. It is caused by viral infection. When the atmospheric temperature is mild i.e. it is not too cold or hot, different viruses grow and spread in the atmosphere. In certain regions November is the month in […]

Prevention Of Children Allergies At Home

Allergies are adverse reaction to something which the child comes in contact with or inhales and this result in rashes, diarrhoea, nausea, sneezing or a number of other problems. Though a person of any age can get an allergic reaction but children having lesser resistance are likely to be affected more. These days the instances […]

Different Types Of Fever Thermometers For Babies

In every house hold a thermometer is a must. Any member of house hold can get fever. For measurement of fever thermometer is required to decide the nature of immediate treatment required. In a household with babies, the right type of thermometer is a must. When the child gets sick and has fever he or […]

First Aid Kit For Children At Home Is A Must

Though each and every home needs a first aid kit full of basic medicines, in a home where there are children, this is very essential. The medicines stored in it should cover different remedies often needed for the children. The most likely injury the children suffer is minor injury resulting in peeling of the skin […]

Symptoms Of Child's Eye Problems

Parents who are aware and conscious of the health of the child, are very particular about health checkups of the child. As a result of advertisement campaign a lot of awareness has come and most of the parents are fully aware about the immunization programme and take the child for administration of medicines at proper […]

Children's Sore Throat Remedies

Parents always try to be cautious and protect their child from getting sick but that is not always possible in spite of their best efforts. They have to resort to medicines to cure their little ones. Sore throat is one malady that strikes many children. The throat becomes red and swollen, is painful and eating […]

Some Advice To Manage Your Child's Sickness

When a child gets sick it often becomes difficult for the parents to manage. The child gets irritated easily and giving medicine at regular intervals also becomes an issue. Depending upon the nature of sickness, it is essential that the child should be given proper and healthy environment to enable him to feel comfortable and […]

Are Children Contact Lenses Safe ?

Children at all ages can tolerate contact lenses. Even the babies can wear it to correct the eye problem present at birth. That means, age is not a deciding factor for wearing contact lenses. However, it is recommended that the children must be mature enough to taking the responsibility of wearing it. Parents can judge […]