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Supplementary Feeding for Infants

Infants are used to liquid food only, mainly milk, in the first few months of their lives. The method of induction is sucking, either from the breast or the bottle. Supplementary feeding indicates the introduction of slightly thicker and more varied food which requires the action of propelling the food to the back of the […]

Infant Vomiting Causes And Treatment

Vomiting is the most common health problem in infants. Either infants depending on milk or taking solid food, it is a common problem. Most infants vomit a bit after feeding. If the infant is fed too much tends to vomit. Or if the food is heavy to digest the infant vomits. If the infant doesn’t […]

Side Effects of Teething in Infants - Vomiting and Diarrhea

Teething is a developmental step of a baby, which brings about many health problems with it. It’s a general conception since long that during this period the baby suffers from diarrhea and vomiting. But its true that baby doesn’t seems cheerful and jolly during teething days. But the symptoms are not directly related with teething. […]

Tips For Overtired Baby To Sleep

Crying is birth right of babies. Crying is not any unusual thing for them. They cry to communicate their demand to you. They are hungry, they cry, bottom is wet they cry, any problem they cry, even they are sleepy they cry. By practice mother or a regular caregiver can understand why the baby is […]

Breast Milk Allergy In Infants

The term allergy refers to a hypersensitivity reaction initiated by immunological mechanism. Mainly three factors are responsible to develop allergic reactions: Appropriate genetic background Contact with the allergens Environmental factors A baby can’t be allergic to breast milk but if it happens it is due to the cow milk which the mother has consumed or […]

Understanding Crying Habits Of Infant

When the child is very young, crying is the first means of communication with the mother. The child will not normally cry when fully fed and does not need administering to. The only way the child can tell the parents of some need or discomfort is crying. Small children often feel discomfort due to accumulation […]

Memory Development In Infants

During earlier times there was a conflict of belief between parents and researchers about memory status and skills to learn in children. Though parents always thought that the child learns and remembers at all ages, but researchers were of the opinion that the child has no memory skill up to the time the child is […]

Baby Fussy or Cranky at Night

There are many problems that children face when they are just born or even later than that. It is fun to plan a child but extremely difficult to look after it once it is finally out for good. Children have a whole bunch of problems that very few parents are able to comprehend. When it […]

Dry Drowning Symptoms in Toddlers and Infants

Dry drowning in toddlers or infants is caused by a delayed effect of small amount of water into the lungs. Respiratory arrest is possible in this situation, which is more severe. It disturbs the supply of oxygen in the blood that leads to brain death. Generally, dry drowning symptoms in toddlers occurs due to water […]