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Co-sleeping With Newborn Baby

Some parents prefer to sleep with their kids and others don’t like to sleep with them but rather put them on their crib. Parents should always decide after weighing pros and cons of sleeping with their babies. Co sleeping Benefits Sleeping with baby increase bonding with baby. Mother feels comfortable while breastfeeding the newborn baby. […]

Chest Congestion In Infants

Chest congestion in infants is caused by infection which leads to formation of mucus in the lungs and respiratory tract. Infant may feel problem in breathing properly. It is very common problem in children. Common cold may cause this ailment. Consult the doctor in case of severity or emergency. Causes Chest congestion in infants may […]

Failure To Thrive In Infants

The meaning of the word thrive is to grow or flourish and failure of the same causes a lot of health hazards for little ones in life ahead. A baby sometimes fails to thrive from as soon as before the first twelve months of his birth. Therefore the right treatment for it greatly rests upon […]

How To Relieve Infant Teething Pain?

Teething is the commonest difficulty of every infant’s growth. It troubles them profusely giving them sleepless nights or cranky days. All parents get worried and some even find it difficult to treat their little one in times of excruciating pain experienced by him. But the fact is that teething is definitely inevitable. It happens when […]

Infants Feeding Schedule

Child’s life is mostly consisting of eating, sleeping and wetting diapers in the first few months.  There is always a question in the mind of a mother that whether breastfeed or bottle is better for the child. Breastfeeding is the best, but formula feeding is also suggested by the doctors when needed. Important decision is […]

Breathing Problems in Infants

Breathing is vital for the body to function properly. Respiratory muscles are involved in inhaling process. Inhaled air is rich in oxygen which is needed by the body to function properly. Then inhaled oxygen get transferred from lungs to the bloodstream and exchanged with carbon dioxide that is breathed out. The more oxygen can be […]

Whooping Cough In Infants And Children

Whooping cough or pertussis is a disease which can be cause of worries for the parents. It may occur in children under the age of one year. The vaccination against whooping is given to the child to prevent this disease to occur. It can be very dangerous if it is not controlled earlier. There are […]

Heart Murmur in Infants or Newborn Babies

Abnormal sounds that are produced by heart are known as heart murmur. Don’t try to be panic on hearing this sound because it is found in every child once in the life time. It can be innocent or functional, congenital or heart defect in babies or infants. Breathe shortness, feeding problems and chest infections are […]

Baby Developmental Milestones

Every moment of the first year of the first child of the family is very memorable for parents. It brings lots of surprises and disappointments. Surprises are when the parent doesn’t expect it of their child and disappointment when they find other kids of the same age doing better things. But each infant is different […]