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How To Teach Children Computer Skills?

In today’s world computer has achieved a distinct place. The extent of information available on the internet has made things easier to learn. A person however highly placed will be considered illiterate if he is not aware about operation of a computer. Like adults, it is necessary that a child must be aware of computer. […]

Learning Tools For Kids

Children always very inquisitive and have lot of questions like why, what, how etc. These questions should be answered and they should be encouraged to ask more. These are the ways through which they would enhance their knowledge. There are many such questions they have even with regard to their academics, but the teacher many […]

How To Make Kids Learn And Play?

Gone are the days where the emphasis was learning from the books and rote reading. Now, researchers have proved that ‘Play Way Method’ is a better way of teaching children. They grasp, learn, retain and implement them when they learn through the play way method. Therefore playing has become an integral part of development process. […]

How To Motivate Your Child To Learn?

Gone are the days where the job of the teacher was to teach and that of parents was to get the child to complete the homework. Today’s children wouldn’t blindly accept and what the teacher has to say. It requires more than the teacher’s authoritative voice to motivate the children. Motivating the children seems like […]

Children With Learning Disabilities

Learning disability is a condition where in the child has problems in learning or assimilating information which are expected by children of that age. These problems may relate to physical, social and academic. Kids Learning Disability Symptoms Here are a few symptoms of disability. If the children exhibit a few of these, it’s better to […]

Beginner Typing Games for Kids - Fun and Learning

Typing games for kids are in great demand these days. This is because of the fact that almost every child uses computer and keyboard at school and the typing skill is considered a must for every child. If the children are well versed in typing they are certain to complete their homework and assignment in […]

Tips for Buying Educational Toys for Children

Parents know their child much better than anyone else. So, it’s very complicated for us to recommend toys for children that are highly specific as far as age is concerned. The age groups that are mentioned on the toy packages are a general affair to a large extent. Every child is different and a child […]