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Feeding Low Birth Weight Babies

The optimum weight of a baby at the time of birth is 2.5 kg for a girl, and slightly more for a boy. If the weight of the baby is lower than this, then special care needs to be taken, especially in feeding. Feeding low birth weight babies require extra efforts for mothers and caretakers. […]

How Much Weight does a Baby Gain after Birth ?

The birth of a child is a moment of joy for the family as a whole. Whenever a woman becomes pregnant, there is a feeling or anxiety in her mind that the baby to be born to her should be healthy. Precautions are taken during the full period of pregnancy to ensure the safe birth […]

Low Birth Weight Causes And Risks

Weight of a new born baby indicates the health of the baby. When a baby is born after full time of pregnancy, weighs 2500 gms to 4200 gms. Its normal weight, but if it is less than 2500 gms its low birth weight and below 1500 gms or even less than 1000 gms are extremely […]

Umbilical Cord or Newborn Belly Button Care to Prevent Infection

Babies receive nourishment and oxygen in the womb through placenta, which is connected to the inner wall of the uterus of the mother. The placenta is connected to the baby by umbilical cord through an opening in the baby’s abdomen. After the baby is born, the cord is clamped and cut close to the baby’s […]

Is Gripe Water Safe For Newborns ?

From generation to generation it is considered that gripe water is as important in baby care as milk. We don’t know since how long parents rely on gripe water without any question. But it’s the time when people don’t have blind faith on anything. They want to know everything about what they use. So there […]

Average Weight and Length of a Newborn Baby

Length and weight of a newborn baby indicates the health of a baby. Pediatricians maintain a chart of length, weight and head size of the baby. The growing graph means the baby is healthy and poor growth chart means any health problem. During first year, a healthy baby should grow triple the birth weight and […]

How To Play With A Newborn?

How to play with a newborn while a newborn baby itself is a toy for the family members. Parents and others talk and play with the baby and it’s the first classroom for an infant. Thus the baby starts learning from his/her crib. So playing with a baby is not less important. It’s not just […]

Things To Prepare For Baby Arrival At Home

When a baby is about to arrive there is lot of excitement amongst all members of the family. Each member wants to contribute his bit to welcome the new guest. It is necessary that a thorough discussion is held between you, your husband and senior members of the family if available at your home. A […]

How Does Birth Order Affect Siblings ?

All children are equally loved by the parents. It is the desire of the parents to provide all their children equal opportunities for development and studies to the extent possible. Still, despite the best efforts of the parents each child in the family acquires a different place in the house hold. There were times when […]