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Vision Development In Newborn Babies

After the child is born he opens his eyes properly and looks at the new world around him within the next few days. The parents are thrilled to see their baby looking at them. It is the normal and natural worry of the parents who want to be sure that their infant has normal eyesight. […]

Ways To Announce The Birth Of Baby

As parents there isn’t any occasion better than the one when you are blessed with your first child. There is tremendous amount of happiness and that is what makes the birth of your child more special. An occasion to celebrate with your near and dear ones. It is always good to share your happiness with […]

Introducing Your Newborn Baby To Pets

Living with a pet could be real fun especially if you are fond of them. They are extremely loving and affectionate to the brim when it comes to understanding your emotional requirements. When its time to bring your own baby home once he or she is born, you have to keep certain things in mind […]

Bonding With Your Newborn

Many of the old and well authored books often say that bonding comes naturally once the little one’s born. They believe that when the mother holds her baby in her arms she immediately gets bonded with him. But under various circumstances this may not hold true. That means to say that there could be cases […]

Apgar Test for Newborns at Birth

When a baby is born he is generally medically checked to know if all his organs are functioning in the right manner or not. This is a sort of a test that the newborn goes through, which indicates any kind of a problem at the time of birth so as to treat the ailment accordingly. […]

Causes of Projectile Vomiting in Babies

Projectile vomiting in newborn babies means the vomiting which is forceful or shoot out and not simple dribbling types of spitting up. These types of vomiting can be source of little worries. An occasional projectile vomiting can be normal but it should not occur regularly. The regular forceful spitting for two to three times for […]

Heart Murmur in Infants or Newborn Babies

Abnormal sounds that are produced by heart are known as heart murmur. Don’t try to be panic on hearing this sound because it is found in every child once in the life time. It can be innocent or functional, congenital or heart defect in babies or infants. Breathe shortness, feeding problems and chest infections are […]

Common Genetic Birth Disorders

Most children are born healthy but some have birth disorders. It’s better to be aware of the symptoms so that they can be corrected at the earliest. Spina Bifida The back bone protects the spinal cord. Some times it doesn’t close completely during the prenatal development and leaves a gap. If the gap is small […]

Development and Management of Preterm Baby Complications

There is nothing to worry if there is a premature baby in the family as it can be brought in par with other kids with the advance medical sciences. Preterm or premature Baby Babies born before the thirty seventh weeks of pregnancy are called preterm or premature babies. They may or may not be fully […]