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Jaundice In Newborn Babies

Most parents panic when they hear the word ‘Jaundice’ and if it’s in their newborn the anxiety levels are all the more higher. But there is nothing really to worry. Parents need not take the blame on themselves for the situation. It could happen to any one any time. When it happens with a newborn, […]

How to Select the Name of Newborn Baby ?

Congratulations for having a baby! Now you face the difficult question of choosing a proper name for your baby. It all depends on parents choice and interest. You have to keep in mind at least 10 points before choosing a proper name for your baby. Gender: If you know your baby’s gender your choice of […]

Newborn Baby Bathing Tips

Bath time is a special time of connection with a baby and their parents. It is a time to play gently, talk and sing. Get everything you need before beginning: The list includes water, washcloth, alcohol pads, bath towel (with hood if you have one), clean diaper, any items you use regularly during a diaper […]

How Much should a Newborn Baby Sleep ?

Sleeping Patterns In The Period Of Infancy In the first three to four weeks after birth, the infant sleeps frequently both during day as well as night. His only need is food (milk) so he wakes up just to get it. After the fourth week, his period of sleep increases but the frequency of sleeping […]

Newborn Skin Conditions and Rash Problems

Giving birth to a baby is a painful and anxious process for a mother. For the baby it is a torture. For nearly 40 weeks it lies in its cozy bed, floating and somersaulting in the water around. It does not have to see anything, hear any sound have to sit up for lunch or […]