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Fun Ideas to Please Picky Eater Kids

Have you got a picky eater in your house? I guess, most of us do! Cooking for kids who are too finicky about their food choices is not that easy. So, we have formulated some good strategies with fun that pleases your kid and at the same time turn your dinner time less-hassle. Use the […]

What is Organic Farming and Food for Kids ?

Organic food is one which is produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, insecticides, hormones and artificial fertilizers. This type of food is also free from genetically modified organisation. In case of processed food, it is not processed using chemical additives. During earlier times agricultural and farming operations were fully organic till science stepped into […]

Instilling Good Eating Habits In Children Tips

Balanced food is necessary for the healthy development of the child. The requirement of food and ingredients changes with the age. As the child grow up the quality and quantity of food required by the body changes. This makes it necessary for the parents to keep proper track of the food provided to children so […]

Benefits of Family Meals for Children

Family meals are slowly coming back in real life. There was a time when due to desire of professionalism families were drifting apart finding no time for their mate or children. Slowly the realization that spending time with kids is necessary is coming back and more and more families are deciding to adjust their life […]

Importance of Carbohydrates for Kids

With the ever increasing instances of obesity in children caused mainly due to improper food habits and lack of exercise, it is becoming a fashion statement to eat food which is low on carbohydrates. If you pick up some magazine you will find a number of advertisements eulogizing low carbohydrate food both for kids and […]

Importance of Breakfast for Kids

It is said that for healthy living, a person should eat at least three meals a day. For any person the first meal of the day is breakfast, this is followed by lunch and dinner. The gap between lunch and dinner is of a few hours, may be six to seven, but generally the difference […]

Iron Deficiency Anemia in Children

Iron is a major mineral necessary for the health of any individual whether child or an adult. Iron is present in each red blood cell as hemoglobin. This carries oxygen from lungs to tissues which is necessary for them to function properly. Lack of iron or inadequate quantity of iron supply results in iron deficiency […]

What is Malnutrition in Children?

Often children from affluent families desist from eating regular meals and prefer to eat snacks at odd times. Due to this untimely eating they are not hungry at meal times and there is complaint of the mothers that the child does not eat a proper meal. The child generally gets adequate calories and nutrients from […]

High Fiber Food Supplements for Children

For a person to remain healthy and spend a good life it is essential that he takes a healthy diet and maintains a balance between physical exercise and rest. The practice of eating healthy food should start right from the childhood which will help set a practice for the whole life. Fibre is one of […]