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Fat Requirements for Children

Fat is one of the ingredients of food consumed by any individual whether child or adult. Theories have changed over time about the necessity of consumption of fat and consequential effect on the human body. Fat consumed by an individual is converted by the body into energy necessary for active life. It is a fact […]

Egg Allergy in Children

Medical science has discovered that people can be allergic to certain things. Some people are allergic to different items of food, some are allergic to dust, pollen and certain weather conditions. Different allergic reactions have different effect on different humans. Some kids are allergic to eggs or egg white. This does not mean that the […]

Types of Calcium Supplements for Children

When children are growing up, starting from the time right after birth, they need certain essential nutrients for healthy development of the body as a whole. Different parts of the body have requirement of different inputs which includes minerals, vitamins etc. Calcium is the most essential input which any kid should get for healthy development […]

Best Natural Sources of Calcium for Kids

Research has established that calcium should be an important part of the food we eat. Kids up to the age of 8 need about 800 mg of calcium per day where as those above 8 and up to 18 require 1300 mg of calcium per day. For children milk is the natural and most important […]

Facts about Calcium for Kids

Calcium should be an important ingredient of food we eat. This is essential to maximize the bone density, especially in adults. Deficiency of calcium can start from the age when one is a kid and once this happens, this deficiency may continue for life. Keeping this in mind, it is essential that kids should consume […]

Artificial Food Dyes And ADHD In Children

Some children are termed as hyper active and are difficult to handle. Research has been carried out to find out the cause. A few children have a hyper activity disorder and require treatment. In the rest of the cases, it was discovered that various food stuffs acted as triggers. When they were with held, the […]

Balanced Diet For Teens Is Must

When a child enters his teens, i.e., he achieves the age between thirteen and nineteen, he is developing at a fast pace. It is this age a lot of changes take place in the body of teen aged children. During this time major hormonal changes take place in girls. They attain the age of puberty […]

Vitamin Facts For Kids

One sees many misleading advertisements both in the print and electronic media. The marketing department is often under pressure to increase sales so they come up with gimmicks and distorted facts to push up sales. Often pharmaceutical companies advertise the intake of vitamins to make a child smarter, or to increase his appetite, or to […]

Healthy Diet For Teenage Girls

According to a data, adolescent obesity is increasing every year. Teenaged children in the USA and other developed countries are facing this problem to a maximum extent. Teenage girls are very particular and sensitive of their weight and come under extreme psychological pressure if they get overweight. For a teenage girl, a healthy diet with […]