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Symptoms Of Lactose Intolerance In Children

Lactose intolerance is quite a common deficiency found in a large number of Americans. Such people find it difficult to absorb dairy products. It is not that this problem is found particularly in Americans, as per the research people of Asian origin are more prone to this problem. This is not only related to children […]

Healthy Snack Alternative Recipes For Kids

Children are often very fussy about food. For proper development of the child it is necessary that the child gets sufficient nourishment. Remember that presentation is the first selling point for the child. Food prepared for the child should be such that it is fully balanced and the child should get to eat fruits, vegetables, […]

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Toddlers

A child very fast grows up to be a toddler. By this time he is mostly on mother’s milk which provides him much needed nourishment. As he grows up his movement increases a lot requiring lots of energy. This is the stage at which the pace of development picks up and the child learns to […]

How To Control Children To Have Junk Food?

Latest research says that self control can be taught in childhood so what better sphere of life to start it than food. Control does not mean a ban, it means making an informed choice. For this to work, a child must have the knowledge to know what is good for him, what should be limited […]

Healthy School Lunch Ideas For Kids

A balanced diet is of utmost importance for a healthy active child. It becomes a challenge for the parents to pack a lunch for school which meets dietary requirements and at the same time interests the child. The purpose of a good packed lunch provided by the parent will be defeated if the child does […]

Soda Or Pop Drinks Alternatives For Children

Pop or soda drink or a cola drink as they are called in different parts of the world, contains lot of sugar, carbohydrates and a few chemicals. They are very popular not only with the children but also with adults. Research has found that these drinks are not good for health. According to a study […]

Diet Portion Control Tips For Kids

There is a popular saying that one eats to live and not lives to eat. It is essential that one should eat food sufficient for him to be healthy, happy and live a normal life. Excess of food can be a cause of innumerable diseases. Obesity being one of such diseases and it is becoming […]

Ways For Parents To Set Example For Healthy Food Habits

It has been correctly said that parents are the first teachers of the child. The child learns maximum from the parents. Especially at a young age the mother often has maximum influence on the child. It is the duty of the parents to be role model during the early childhood of their kid. Once the […]

Getting Your Children To Eat More Vegetables

Vegetables are a source of much wanted nutrients needed for balanced and healthy development of the child. Proper intake of nutrients not only helps physical development of the child but also that of the brain, resulting in faster learning process. Vegetables are a cheap source of much needed vitamins, minerals and fiber needed for proper […]