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How to Make Kids Drink Milk ?

It is a very common phenomenon to have a child saying no to a glass of milk. Many children develop a hatred for this health drink during their course of growing up. Problem arises for their mothers when they try to coax and cajole their tiny tots to sip away the hated glass, but all […]

Healthy Vegetarian Snacks Recipes For Your Kids

Eating habits should be instilled way too early in children so healthy eating comes naturally to them. With the advent of the junk or fast food children are not indulging in healthy eating. They love food that’s ready to cook and tasty to eat. This is causing a huge amount of worry all over the […]

Health And Nutrition Of A Baby Girl

In the developing or the under-developed countries there are several ways in which parents discriminate against the girl child. It was always seen how the boy child has always been given preference and priority over his sister for every little thing including a healthy diet. Due to the ridiculous cultures and traditions of various countries, […]

Negative Effects of Fast Food on Children and Ways to Avoid

We are already in the Jet Age which many people call, the Junk-Food age. This era has apparently driven most of the children away from the very old green leafy vegetable concept of eating. Instead they now relish the fast food or food that can be prepared faster, tastes better and gives not an aorta […]

Infants Feeding Schedule

Child’s life is mostly consisting of eating, sleeping and wetting diapers in the first few months.  There is always a question in the mind of a mother that whether breastfeed or bottle is better for the child. Breastfeeding is the best, but formula feeding is also suggested by the doctors when needed. Important decision is […]

Healthy Fruit Snacks For Babies

It’s not easy to cultivate healthy habits in children after they grow up. So it’s better to teach them to eat healthy from a young age. Here are some ideas for healthy snacks for babies. Sometimes instant snacks are needed for babies or infants at home, few ideas are given here. Apple Sauce One of […]

Junk Food And Children

Every body knows that junk food is not very healthy and nutritious for children. By realising this fact, parents should restrict the kids for junk food as regular meal. Saying a big ‘NO’ to junk food would only tempt to eat them more. They might do it without the knowledge of the parents. Instead it’s […]

How To Get Kids To Eat Vegetables ?

Vegetables and fruits are an important source of vitamins and minerals. But they are not very appetising and interesting to many especially children.  Most parents have to put in enormous efforts to get the children to eat veggies. They may have to beg, plead and bribe too for the kids to have them. Here are […]

How to start feeding solid food to baby?

Many mothers look forward to the moment when their child would be ready for solid food. When are ready for it, the parents must ensure to give them a healthy and nutritious diet. Generally, solid foods should be started between four and six months. It depends more on the child’s physical and emotional development than […]