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Best Alternative to Baby Formula is Natural Milk

If you cannot afford costly baby formulas, there is no need to get perturbed. Many solutions are available in the market at genuine rates. Human beings’ babies have been feeding on cow’s, buffalo’s or goat’s milk for ages. It’s only in the modern world that companies have convinced mothers that powdered milk is the best […]

Introducing Solid Foods To Baby

The beginning of solid food and finger food for your baby is one of the important phases of your child’s development. Your baby learns how to grasp things with the help of his thumb and the index finger. Hand to mouth co-ordination is also learnt by the child and the facial muscles also undergo good […]

Types Of Baby Formula Feed

There can be no substitute for breast-feeding. It’s the natural and complete food for your baby. No doctor would recommend a formula for your baby instead of mother’s milk. But certain problems do arise and not every baby can be breast-fed. Then, it becomes all the more important that your baby gets all the energy […]

Child Nutrition Information and Facts

Each phase of the development of a child has its own critical nutrition requirements. Following are some important information and facts: 75% of the brains capacity develops between birth and the age of three. By age five, the development of the brains is 90% complete. Starting at the age of two, children should eat moderately […]

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Breastfeeding

The amount of the milk and the number of feeds often pose a problem for young mothers, especially those nursing for the first time. Reluctance to feed, less milk, constant crying and swallowing too much of air leading to regurgitation are some of the common problems encountered. Supplementing with outside foods and weaning also constitute […]

Infant Formula Feeding Guidelines And Weight Chart

Every mother wants her child to be chubby and healthy and, thus, feeding the child is determined more by emotion than by scientific evaluation of the nutrient. Breast milk is the best milk for the infants but after the age of 4-6 months, breast milk alone cannot provide all nutrients required for the rapid growth […]