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How To Keep Baby Diaper Area Clean?

The diaper area of your baby must be kept clean and healthy. If proper care is not taken, painful and uncomfortable rashes may appear on your baby’s skin. Such areas if not properly taken care of, also become a hot bed of various other infections. The following points must be kept in mind. Stock the […]

What is SIDS ?

SIDS or the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is one of the most unfortunate and heartrending things that sometimes happen to newborns. SIDS is said to have taken place when the baby dies before the age of one year and there is no evident cause of his death also. Though the exact reasons of SIDS are […]

How to Clean Baby Bottles and Nipples ?

Well-being of your baby is closely linked to the cleaning of his feed bottles. You must make it a point that the bottles are kept perfectly clean and hygienic. Sterilize baby bottles and nipples ? Before you use a bottle for the first time, you have to sterilize it. Sterilizing is extremely easy. First you […]

How to help children when they start walking ?

Age of toddler beginning to walking The moment the child begins to stand up on its feet, the parents start visualising their children walking. Some even try to get them to walk. In spite of all this the child usually walks only when its ready for it. Usually most children begin to stand up around […]

How To Set Children Bedtime Routine ?

Systemic and organised approach always yields positive results.  This principle applies to putting the children to sleep too. Getting the kids to bed at a set time everyday will help them to get enough rest and make them happy and healthy. For this a bed time routine should be established. A good bed time routine […]

Dealing with Nightmares and Night Terrors in Children

Nightmares and night terrors can become a source of serious concern for both the child as well as the parents if they start occurring regularly. There is slight difference between these two sleep problems in kids. Difference Nightmares usually trouble a child during the REM period. REM stands for ‘rapid eye movement’ and it is […]

Dr Sears Attachment Parenting Theory

Pediatrician William Sears coined the term Attachment Parenting (AP). It is basically a parenting philosophy and is based on the attachment theory found in developmental psychology. Attachment theory advocates that if a child has a strong sentimental bond with its parents in childhood, he is sure to have a healthy and passionate relationship with them […]

Benefits of Infant Massage Therapy

Many cultures have massage as part of baby care for centuries, and research shows they may have many advantages. Not only that massage can get to know you and your baby’s body language. But there is also a wonderful opportunity to help your child feel safe and secure by showing that he or she is […]

Basic Home Safety Checklist and Guidelines for Children

What should be Done ? Always maintain the baby neat & clean. Cut the nails properly with maximum possible care. Wet diaper should be removed immediately and parts should be cleaned with soft baby soap. Take care of the genitals because the fungal infection is common in this part and should be kept dry. Care […]