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Important Tips for Giving Baby Medicine

Following are most important tips to keep in mind before giving medicine to children: If you wrap a blanket around the baby’s arms, the child will not struggle. If the child spits out the medicine, put a little more and try to close the mouth by holding the lower jaw. Do not hold the nose […]

Precautions for Children Medicines to Avoid Side Effects

The entire responsibility of self-medication lies on parents since children will take whatever is given to them by the parents. It is very important for parents to think before giving any medication to their children on their own. It is very difficult to make the right diagnosis in small children because they cannot speak, nor […]

Why Does My Baby Cry So Much ?

Every time a baby cries, it does not necessarily mean that the baby has got stomach pain. There are many other causes due to those a child may cry. Following are the main reasons of an infant’s excessive crying: To Convey Message Crying is the only way of communicating physical discomfort or emotional distress in […]

Important Tips for Parents to Manage Children Stress

When a child is born he is like a clean slate. Childhoods years are very crucial in deciding the entire future of a person. Most people make mistakes in understanding children’s are under tremendous stress because of growing competition in getting good marks in their studies. Their daily schedule is getting  more hectic day by […]