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Avoid 5 Things for being a Good Mother

Being a parent is no easy task. There can be no hard and fast rules which are to be followed. What your parents did may not hold good now. Mothers may find themselves using the ‘don’t’ word very often – don’t talk so loudly, don’t fight etc. However, psychologists believe that it is better to […]

Effective Communication with Children and Parents

After one gets married, the most important decision which has to be taken by any couple is about having a baby. While arriving at the decision as to when to have one, a woman has to keep in mind a number of factors. She has to consider about her life with a small kid, about […]

Effective Child Discipline Methods

Making your child disciplined is the biggest challenge for parents. This is a taxing but rewarding experience for the parents. The techniques that are effective on a child differ from one child to the other. Also the environment in which a child is placed effects his behavior and the methods to be used to discipline […]

What Is Slow Parenting?

Slow parenting means parenting of children in the contact of nature without any interference of materialistic influence. We can also term it as ‘self raising’. Those were the days, when raising children was not a matter of planning. But today when to plan a baby, what will be their parenting style, everything is preplanned. So […]

Dealing With The Loss Of A Parent In Childhood

It is very unfortunate for a child to loss either of his/her parent. Its very difficult for the child to accept the fact and dealing with the loss of a parent in childhood. The mishap leaves behind a mental setback and it’s a difficult task to bring the child out of the situation. The child […]

What Is Child Negligence?

A sweet, smiling, boney baby is dream of every couple. But just being a mother and father is not completion of duty. Duty begins after a baby comes in this world. Practically children need parent until the age of 18 years and up to this age legally also they are children. So taking care of […]

How To Calm A Colicky Baby?

Babies are born with the ability to cry. Babies cry generally to tell us that something is wrong like hunger, wet bottom, cold or hot, tired etc. Sometimes the baby has met all his or her needs, yet continues to cry. Though all newborn cry. When a child who is otherwise healthy cries for 3-4 […]

Ways To Increase Breast Milk Production

Lactation is a term which is medically known, for yielding of milk by the mammary glands for cause of breastfeeding. Mother’s milk contains good amount of nutrients for newborn and provides necessary protection from various ailments. Early in a woman’s pregnancy her milk producing glands begin to prepare for her baby’s arrival and by the […]

Kangaroo Care Of Premature Babies

A new born baby is completely helpless in the world. The baby has to learn and develop the skill to live outside the womb, in an unsafe world. They have to learn even how to breathe. If the baby is premature it’s a bigger challenge, because their systems are not fully developed. For such babies […]