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Toddler Tantrums At Bedtime

It’s too late in night. Parents are tired and sleepy. But toddler, as if it’s their morning. Full of energy and there is no sign of sleep. No matter you are telling a story or singing a lullaby. They want to watch TV, want to play, even want you to play with them. They shout […]

Average Cost To Have A Baby

Every couple wishes to have a baby. A baby brings a lot of joy in their life. But it’s a bitter fact that planning a baby is a costly affair. Having a baby is a great responsibility. Youngsters think today twice before planning a baby. They want to be financially strong before having a baby. […]

How To Play With A Newborn?

How to play with a newborn while a newborn baby itself is a toy for the family members. Parents and others talk and play with the baby and it’s the first classroom for an infant. Thus the baby starts learning from his/her crib. So playing with a baby is not less important. It’s not just […]

Children Of Narcissistic Parents

Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder, in which the person has an extreme sense of their own importance. They are self obsessed and don’t care for others  or their feeling. This type of disorder is mostly found in male. They are extremely possessive about their children. They want their children to live as they […]

Emotionally Manipulative Parents

Persons whom we can rely most are our parents. We love them very much. A time comes, specially in our teen age, due to their controls and impositions, we start to hate them. But the feeling doesn’t last long. As we grow a mature adult, we realize that even now we love them a lot. […]

Tips For Overtired Baby To Sleep

Crying is birth right of babies. Crying is not any unusual thing for them. They cry to communicate their demand to you. They are hungry, they cry, bottom is wet they cry, any problem they cry, even they are sleepy they cry. By practice mother or a regular caregiver can understand why the baby is […]

Functional Family Therapy Techniques or FFT Model

There were times when the head of the family was considered supreme and his words were law for the family. Now the time has come when each member of the family wants to have a place for himself. All want to be equally accepted, respected and listened to in all matters. This often results in […]

Things To Prepare For Baby Arrival At Home

When a baby is about to arrive there is lot of excitement amongst all members of the family. Each member wants to contribute his bit to welcome the new guest. It is necessary that a thorough discussion is held between you, your husband and senior members of the family if available at your home. A […]

How To Be A Good Father To Your Baby?

The bond between mother and child is natural and strongest. It is the mother who carries the child in her body for nine months or so, suffers from all problems of pregnancy, bears the pain of labour at the time of birth of the child, thereafter takes care of the child sacrificing her comfort. She […]