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Causes and Treatment of Lactation Failure

When a woman gets pregnant, many hormonal changes take place in her body, one of the most important being those in her mammary glands, which prepare her body to produce milk to feed the newly born child. This process of yielding of milk in medical terms is called lactation. The secretion of milk by breasts […]

Causes of Backache During Pregnancy

Pregnancy heralds an addition to the family and is a pleasing experience for all women. Although there is much to look forward to, pregnancy brings with it many difficulties through which a woman has to pass during the next nine months after conception. The most common problems are morning sickness and back ache. These go […]

Causes of Hard Stomach during Pregnancy

The period of pregnancy, especially in the case of first time mother, results in lots of mental and physical changes and she has to undergo much mental and physical stress. As the skin of the stomach stretches it becomes hard resulting in pain and inconvenience to the mother. So hardness of the stomach during advanced […]

Natural Folic Acid Foods for Pregnancy

Folic acid, also called folate, is a form of vitamin B specifically vitamin B9 and is found in natural food like pulses and also in green vegetables. Folic acid is needed by the human body to produce red blood cells and DNA. For healthy development of the brain and nervous system Folic acid is necessary. […]

What Exercises are Safe During Pregnancy ?

Except in case of some complication that could arise due to a variety of reasons where doctors recommend bed rest, exercise is generally recommended to the pregnant lady. After one gets the first indication of being pregnant, at the time of the first check up generally doctors give a detailed chart of what to do […]

Epidural Injection During Labor Side Effects

In case of first pregnancy a pregnant woman wants to give birth to her child in a normal way without the aid of medicines. This may be due to underestimation of the extent of pain during labour. However as the time passes there is a change of mind and the woman on labour desires to […]

What is Morning Sickness in Pregnancy ?

Morning sickness is the first apparent symptom of pregnancy noticed by a woman who has conceived. Though it is called morning sickness but nausea could occur at any time during the day. During the first trimester of pregnancy it is more predominant and peaks around the 9th week. The symptoms fade away as the pregnancy […]

Early Signs and Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy can also be called pregnancy which occurs out of the normal place i.e. uterus. Normally the fertilized egg travels through the fallopian tube and sticks to the wall of uterus and starts growing as per the natural schedule. In case of ectopic pregnancy the fertilized egg gets stuck in the fallopian tube. This […]

Causes of Stomach Cramps during Pregnancy

Cramps are generally associated with pregnancy. Normally all pregnant women report face cramps at one stage or the other during the tree trimesters of pregnancy. Though a common phenomenon, it is essential that when a pregnant lady gets cramps she should consult a doctor. The cramps could be mild or severe in nature. These could […]