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Preschool Child Development Activities

Kids, as they grow, need a lot of attention of the parents. It will not be wrong to say that parents are the first teachers of any child. When the child is young, he will look towards the parents to satisfy his desire to learn about any new thing he see or come across. Then […]

Preschool Cognitive Development Milestones In Children

Parents are the first teachers of the child. When the child is about 12 months of age or even earlier, the mother starts knowingly or unknowingly teaching the child. Similarly the child learns a lot from the baby sitter with whom he spends time in the absence of the mother. At some places government or […]

Dealing With Separation Anxiety In Preschool Children

Right from the time of birth a child spends most of the time with parents especially mother. She gives him food when hungry and takes care of every emotion of the child. When the child is ready to learn how to walk, she teaches the child to walk and even picks him up in the […]

What Is The Importance Of Preschool Library?

Reading is a good habit. A child learns a lot when he sees pictures in the books. A child often raises a series of questions when he sees something interesting in books. Even if we answer all his questions we can’t satisfy him because his imagination is much wider than us. Parents are the first […]

How to Develop Cognitive Skills in Children ?

Cognitive skills are crucial for the overall development of a child, especially at preschooler age. Various things like language learning, usage, thought process, memory development etc. come under its preview. The child also learns to be aware of his surroundings in a logical way and slowly and gradually augments his knowledge store, which is essential […]