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Lead Poisoning In Children Long Term Effects

Lead is a metal which at one time was widely used in households. Old homes still have water supply system made of copper. For soldering of copper pipes which were laid to circulate water inside the home lead was extensively used. Similarly outlet or waste pipes of wash basins and toilet seats were made of […]

Home Alone Safety Tips For Kids

When a child is small he generally remains glued to the parents, especially the mother. He will try to go to all the places where you go. This attachment or a thought of separation is often a case of concern when he goes to school for the first time. As the child starts to go […]

Halloween Safety Rules and Tips for Kids

Halloween is celebrated by the Christian community all around the world on the 30th of October. It is held one day before All Saints Day. Some scholars say that the day is celebrated to mark the dead and lots of gifts are distributed especially to the children. These are to honour the elders in the […]

Halloween Candy Safety Tips for Kids

Halloween is a yearly holiday celebrated by Christians around the world on 30th October each year, a night before ‘All Saints Day’. The celebration resembles the celebrations held on the day of the dead. There are theories regarding originating of the day. Some link it to the festival of harvest celebrated at a time when […]

Food Safety Tips and Activities for Kids

The food we eat plays an important role in the health of not only the child but the family as a whole. If we are not cautious about the food we ingest, there are increased chances of contracting some food borne diseases. These types of food related diseases generally affect the digestive system. Especially in […]

How to Keep your Kids Safe on Farms ?

For the city dwellers, farms are a great place to visit. Those children who have never visited a farm have strange ideas as to how the place will be and how operations are carried out. Mostly children who go to school have learnt from their books as to how the crops which we eat like […]

Backpack Safety for Kids

Backpack is an essential part of the daily things carried by any child while going to school. This is used by a child to carry his books and other necessary things when he goes to school. In addition to books and a spare article of clothing, it often contains his lunch box and water bottle. […]

Toy Safety Tips for Infants and Toddlers

Toys are meant for children to play with and enjoy themselves but they often pose danger to the little ones. Most manufacturers follow the guidelines issued by the government or concerned authorities but it is advisable that an adult be at hand when children three years of age and below are playing as they put […]

What is Cyber Bullying for Kids?

Cyber bullying is the act of harassment or threatening a child who is in teens or preteens by another child of the same age. This act is done using internet, some digital technology or mobile phone. Legally, for this act of cyberbullying, on both sides teens should be involved. In case of adult on one […]