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Children Ear Problems from Flying

Recollect when you traveled in an aircraft for the first time, the feeling you had. There is a lot of vibration when the aircraft taxis on the runway at a very high speed and then takes off. At this time there is change in air pressure inside the cabin which directly has effect on the […]

Safety Tips For Crawling Babies

Crawling is the first step of the baby towards movement. Before getting up on their foot, babies crawl on floor with their both hands and legs. Its very important phase in the baby’s developmental stage and it’s a good exercise also. It strengthens the muscles and develops motor control. Some babies don’t crawl, they directly […]

Poisonous House Plants For Babies Safety Tips

People buy plants that appeal to their aesthetic sense because of color or form of leaves or beautiful flowers. They do not even ask the name of the plant they are buying so it is obvious that they would not know about the danger it may pose for their little ones. Whatever babies lay their […]

Teaching Your Child About Safety From House Fire

By the age of two, children become aware that fire is hot and keep away from it. As they grow older they need to be taught is how to get out of the house safely if ever there is a house hold fire. It would be prudent to first point out the places where a […]

Teaching Your Children About Road Safety

With increasing traffic on the roads and people driving at high speed, sometimes not caring for traffic rules, crossing the street or a road often becomes difficult even for adults who have been doing this for years. Teaching children how to follow safety traffic  rules while crossing the road is almost like a project. Some […]

Children Safety From Common Bugs And Insects

There are a large number of different varieties of insects found in this word. Of these, only a fraction is harmful, the others are not harmful and often do the work assigned to them by nature. Children are often frightened of all insects and there is a general tendency to try to kill them when […]

Tips For Preventing Child Abduction

With ever increasing incidents of crime in society, especially those relating to children, it becomes important for parents to be very particular in keeping a watch on their child. The incidents of abduction of children are increasing every year so a child should be properly made aware of how he or she should face a […]

Tips For Child Safety In Schools

Increasingly we hear news of violence in some school or the other resulting in gang war or gunfire. Due to this often casualties and injuries are reported. This trend is increasing though schools have also started to take precautions. Along with schools it is the duty of the parents to take steps that their child […]

Teaching Children Safety For Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are mostly run on electricity. These are a source of entertainment to the whole family. If not handled properly, they can produce fatal results. Where there are children in home, parents have to be extra cautious while placing electronic gadgets. The ways the children have to be taught how to handle these depend […]