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Risk Of Hot Water Burns For Child At Home

Safety of children at home is the major concern for parents. Injuries caused due to excessive heat from hot water is called hot water burns. Burns are very common among all the other injuries. The intensity of burn injuries also vary depending on the severity of burns. The most common among them is the first […]

Safety Tips For The Parents Of Latchkey Children

To maintain living standard and financial health of the family, often both the parents have to work. These days working hours are long and travelling from home to office and from office to home takes a lot of time. As a result of this, after school, children have to be at home alone. This sometimes […]

Important Car Safety Tips For Children

In today’s fast life we listen about automobile accidents almost every day. We take these accidents as a normal activity because we are not attached to those persons who suffer because of these accidents. It is the right time to think as a sensitive human that how we can avoid automobile accidents to give a […]

Fireworks Safety Tips For Children

Fireworks are the expression of joy and festivity around the world. May it be marriage ceremonies, birthdays, parties, opening and closing of game events, festivals, independence day, republican day or any event of happiness, firework adds a magnificent exquisiteness to all occasions. Fireworks not only catch the attention of children but also of the adults. […]

Baby Crib Safety Tips

When you as a mother deliver your first child please make sure to keep in mind certain facts about the baby crib that you will eventually buy for him so that the baby sleep comfortably all night long. While buying it refer to the standards chalked by the official organizations to ensure complete safety and […]

Different Types Of Child Abuse

Child abuse is a problem that is widespread but still tends to be elusive. It is because of the fact that children cannot always express and sometimes even don’t know that they are being abused. Parents also tend to hush up such matters. However, with the sensitization of society in this regard, this problem is […]

Basic Home Safety Checklist and Guidelines for Children

What should be Done ? Always maintain the baby neat & clean. Cut the nails properly with maximum possible care. Wet diaper should be removed immediately and parts should be cleaned with soft baby soap. Take care of the genitals because the fungal infection is common in this part and should be kept dry. Care […]