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Preparing Teenage Children To Take Care Of Their Health

Health care learning is an important aspect of the life of any individual. The process starts the moment the child begins to understand the outside world. Parents are the first teachers of any child and during the initial years he generally looks towards them for any instructions on anything that he may have doubts about […]

How to Prevent Teenage Suicide?

Suicide is a grave matter and now days we hear a lot about children committing suicide. They take this step when they feel hemmed in by circumstances and pressure both at home and at school. As a child enters teen age, he becomes aware of sexual feelings and is confused about how to handle them. […]

Why do Kids Cut Themselves?

For us as adults it is generally difficult under ordinary circumstances to think of cutting oneself. Causing injury to one’s own body is a difficult task. Despite this we hear on TV and read in newspapers reports regarding children and teenagers in particular cutting themselves. This is a horrifying experience for the families of such […]

Body Dysmorphic Disorder in Teens

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) also called Dysmorphic syndrome is a type of mental illness and the person affected by this illness is concerned more and more about the image of his body and is excessively concerned about perceived defects of his or her physical features. The affected person generally complains about the physical features or […]

Causes and Effects of Teenage Rebellion Psychology

The moment the child is born, the process of his development starts. You will observe development in both mind and body. The child grows up in size and shape and side by side the brain starts to develop and the child starts to learn a few things from parents or those looking after him. Though […]

What Is A Growth Spurt In Children?

The time when a child is growing unusually fast for a short time, is called a stage of growth spurt. Growth spurt are essential part of physical maturation as well as of development. It’s also known as frequency days. It happens during infant stage and adolescent stage. Growth and development goes simultaneously, which indicates the […]

Balanced Diet For Teens Is Must

When a child enters his teens, i.e., he achieves the age between thirteen and nineteen, he is developing at a fast pace. It is this age a lot of changes take place in the body of teen aged children. During this time major hormonal changes take place in girls. They attain the age of puberty […]

Healthy Diet For Teenage Girls

According to a data, adolescent obesity is increasing every year. Teenaged children in the USA and other developed countries are facing this problem to a maximum extent. Teenage girls are very particular and sensitive of their weight and come under extreme psychological pressure if they get overweight. For a teenage girl, a healthy diet with […]

Tips For Parenting Difficult Teens

At all ages children learn the most from parents and often depend upon them for help as and when needed. The nature of association or the help required depends upon the age of the child. When young the child is more dependent. When in teens, the age of adolescence, the child has often developed some […]