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How To Help Your Troubled Teenage Child ?

Adolescence is a very significant facet in the life of every human being. In this age a child tends to feel much anxiety and melancholy. Adolescents like being in the company of adults but adults treat him as kids. Parents sometime scold them that they are not children and sometimes just ignore them for being […]

Stress Management For Teenagers

Stress is a universal phenomenon. It affects each and all at some point or the other in life. However, teenagers are more prone to stress owing to the transition phase that they are passing through. Teenage marks the changeover from childhood to maturity. Therefore, a teenager is almost sure to get stressed while at school, […]

Children Or Teenage Peer Pressure

There are various meanings of the term peer-pressure. It refers to the influence exerted by a peer or social group in promoting a child to vary his behavior, attitude or values to follow to group norms. These days, with the speed at which our everyday life is moving there could be nothing worse than the […]

Advice For Parents Of Teenagers

When children become teenagers and begin to prepare for adulthood life changes for them in every respect. Although, according to the books, they must develop cognitively, that is by learning to read write and solve problems, emotionally, by learning to empathize with others and socially by learning to engage with peers and adults. Therefore all […]

Chores Ideas For Children And Teens

Is your child throwing tantrums each time you ask him to do up his bed every morning? Is he not picking up the plate and putting it in the wash basin after his meals like the rest? Are you getting panicky about how to train your child to walk your dog? Then relax, for we […]

How to Build Leadership Qualities in Children ?

Do you want your child to inculcate excellent leadership qualities? Go in for a leadership program for children and youth. With the leadership program, the youth learn to maximize their latent and thus prove to be productive members of the society. It’s like investment for the future society. If the youth of today develop outstanding […]