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Fluoride for Childrens' Teeth

Fluoride mineral is essential for healthy teeth. It is necessary that the right quantity of fluoride be administered to children. Both too much fluoride and inadequate quantity of fluoride is bad for the health of the child. Excess of fluoride, if administered to the child, could result in chalky spots on the teeth or improper […]

Home Remedies For Teething Babies

Teething is a major developmental step in the life of a growing baby. It starts earliest in 3 months of age and before 12 months. The time varies in different babies. But the fact is that the formation starts in womb. For some babies teething is so easy that one day suddenly you see a […]

Baby Ear Infection vs Teething

Teething of babies is a developmental milestone. It’s a natural but troublesome process. There are 20 teeth in the total set of milk teeth. It takes 2-3 years to come out all the 20 teeth. Initial time of teething is difficult. Due to pain and irritation the baby has tendency of biting everything and pulls […]

Does Teething Cause Fever In Babies?

The baby is crying excessively, rubbing nose and ears, slight fever, doesn’t sleep whole night and not even let you too. Is the baby between 3 months to 12 months of age? It may be teething problem. Check the gums of the baby. Is it red swollen accompanied with diarrhea, cough and slight fever? The […]

Side Effects of Teething in Infants - Vomiting and Diarrhea

Teething is a developmental step of a baby, which brings about many health problems with it. It’s a general conception since long that during this period the baby suffers from diarrhea and vomiting. But its true that baby doesn’t seems cheerful and jolly during teething days. But the symptoms are not directly related with teething. […]

Preparing Your Child For Dental Braces

Any medical procedure is frightening for a child. Coupled with this is a fear of the unknown. The fitting of dental braces is one such medical attention a child may require at a young age. The earlier crooked and uneven teeth are corrected the better the result. The child will have a beautiful smile before […]

Causes Of Bad Breath In Children

Oral hygiene is very important for all. If you take care of your teeth, it is helpful for you to keep your heart in the pink. Bad breath is a well-known problem that affects persons belonging to any age group. Sometimes you must have had experience of talking to those whose mouths stink while they […]

How To Deal With Children With Special Needs?

Children who face developmental difficulties have to struggle with the condition when there is no proper correspondence between their mind and body. This condition also becomes a challenge for those who look after such children. A number of special need children may be violent because they don’t know the right method to express what they […]

How To Relieve Infant Teething Pain?

Teething is the commonest difficulty of every infant’s growth. It troubles them profusely giving them sleepless nights or cranky days. All parents get worried and some even find it difficult to treat their little one in times of excruciating pain experienced by him. But the fact is that teething is definitely inevitable. It happens when […]