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Activities to Keep Your Toddler Fit

Obesity is spreading like an epidemic in the developed world. Children, mostly from affluent section of society, tend to become overweight due to two reasons. The first being good and healthy food and the second being lack of activity or exercise. It is necessary that the child should be on a balanced diet and should […]

Toddler Tantrums At Bedtime

It’s too late in night. Parents are tired and sleepy. But toddler, as if it’s their morning. Full of energy and there is no sign of sleep. No matter you are telling a story or singing a lullaby. They want to watch TV, want to play, even want you to play with them. They shout […]

Increased or Excessive Thirst in Toddlers Causes

Different toddlers drink different amount of water. Frequency of their water break also varies. Amount of water consumed by a child depends on height and weight of the child. Normally it should be 2/3 of the weight of the child but not in pounds, take it in ounce. As example- if a child weighs 90lbs, […]

Outside Fun Playgroup Activities For Toddlers

As babies grow as toddlers, they start enjoying the outside world at large. Going out of the four boundary walls of the house provides them a lot of happiness. Once they get into the habit of going out, they crave to go and play every day. The mother is the person who normally accompanies the […]

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Toddlers

A child very fast grows up to be a toddler. By this time he is mostly on mother’s milk which provides him much needed nourishment. As he grows up his movement increases a lot requiring lots of energy. This is the stage at which the pace of development picks up and the child learns to […]

How To Do The Heimlich Maneuver For Toddlers?

Breathing is an important activity for the life of any being on this earth. A person cannot survive beyond a few minutes if breathing stops. Sometimes people get choked as a result of blockage of wind pipe. If this choking is not rectified immediately it can result in an unwanted mishap. There are a various […]

Why Is My Child Stuttering ?

Many children in toddling stage and the age of pre-school may come across with the problem of stutter. In the stages of learning to talk, children may repeat some sounds or mispronounce some words. Stuttering reaches its peak when the child is excited, tired or stressed. Mostly children overcome this difficulty in the stages of […]

Fun Activities For Toddlers At Home

Exercise is an important aspect for development of the child. At different stages of growth, toddlers need different exercises to tone up muscles and build bones. When too young to move or walk, the child vigorously move arms and legs when he gets up in the morning after sound sleep and when feeling happy. When […]

Toddler Discipline Techniques With Love

Due to non-development of reasoning skill, toddlers have to be disciplined with a positive explanation. Often they are unable to understand logic of what they are being told. Take the case of a movie in which the mother is trying to explain the child not to put the screw in the mouth as it is […]