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Toddler Stomach Ache Remedies

Stomach ache is a common problem in children. There are various causes of pain in toddlers. It is harmless most of the cases but should be taken seriously until it get completely cured. Like in case of appendicitis, it may be quite serious to get it checked by the doctor immediately. It may get chronic […]

How To Get Toddler To Daytime Nap ?

Child needs enough rest to be fresh and healthy. Sleeping is an important aspect of their daily routine. When the kids are young, they get tired easily and need to rest from time to time. If they don’t get that rest then they get cranky and teary. A newborn child would spend most of its […]

How to Stop Nail Biting in Children ?

Nail biting is one of the bad habits in children. The best but most difficult way to stop nail biting is to find the reason for biting nails and resolve it. Some kids bite nails out of stress, boredom, curiosity or to comfort themselves in a tight situation. Sometimes the nail biting carries into adulthood […]

Preparing Toddler For New Sibling Baby

You already have kids and are planning for one more. It is a matter of extreme joy for the family as a whole. But have you thought about your children? How would they take it? What will be their feelings when they see that the newborn is getting all the care and attention from the […]

How to help children when they start walking ?

Age of toddler beginning to walking The moment the child begins to stand up on its feet, the parents start visualising their children walking. Some even try to get them to walk. In spite of all this the child usually walks only when its ready for it. Usually most children begin to stand up around […]

Why Switch from Bottle to Sippy Cup ?

If the sibling at your place is around the ninth month then it is not a wonder if he is picking up your glass of coke to have a sip. If you’ve noticed that kid has been indulging in wetting his tee with juices and water then it is just the right moment to gift […]