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These days you rarely come across children who like to expend their energy by going out and play. Mothers are also not in a habit of keeping them home, away from the play fields thinking they would end up getting afflicted by some sort of infections due to their contact with the grass and mud. Each time their children slip and fall on the road outside their house, they run to wash their wounds thinking that if they come in contact with all the grime and dirt they might just end up infecting themselves. Protecting kids by keeping them home is one of the major reasons amounting to obesity in them.

Inculcating the right and healthy food habits is very necessary in keeping your children mentally and physically fit. As a parent you should make it a point to give your child nutritious diet so that his immune system also become better with age, failing all chances of getting fat and flabby.

Exercise should be a part of your child’s routine so that he remains in perfect shape always. For this make sure you have a similar habit so that it doesn’t become difficult for you to push your children to do the same. Regular workout or games keep everyone mentally and physically sturdy. Many times children do not like to go out and play like what used to happen in the past causing them to get afflicted with a whole lot of diseases over a period of time.

Do not allow your children to only stick to the television all the time. Make sure you also don’t let them sit glued to the computer all day long. Let them follow a healthy routine and keep themselves fit and fine.

The very idea of staying healthy all the time will help you keep your children in good shape too. It is imperative to inculcate sound eating habits in your children from the very beginning. Keep them away from the junk food and fast food, which is liked by the generation now because it lacks nutrition and only helps in gaining weight with superfluous calories and nothing other than that.

There is an old saying that, what you eat always reflects on your face and in your actions, so eat well and give your children good food too so that they lead a healthier life ahead and don’t get stifled in the clutches of illnesses like obesity.