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Oral hygiene is very important for all. If you take care of your teeth, it is helpful for you to keep your heart in the pink. Bad breath is a well-known problem that affects persons belonging to any age group. Sometimes you must have had experience of talking to those whose mouths stink while they have a smile on their face. Such persons are advised to drink plenty of water at regular intervals to overcome this problem.

This problem not only affects adults but children also. Actually, children are the easy targets of this disease because children don’t think before eating things. They eat whatever they like at any time. Children even avoid brushing their teeth before going to bed. So if your child is also a victim of this disease, don’t create panic. It is not that this condition cannot be avoided. By taking some preventing steps, you can free your child from the clutches of bad breath.

It is your duty to educate your child regarding healthy habits of eating and cleaning. What you have to do is to advise him to take care of his mouth and teeth in an appropriate way. Ice creams, chocolates, candies, junk food and sweets are a center of attention for children. This food generates germs in their mouth and due to bacterial activities in mouth, nose and teeth, children face the problem of bad breath.

Once bacteria attack your child’s mouth, they tend to spread very fast and cause pain in teeth.  Healthy habits and good exercise of teeth is very essential to counter the attack of bacteria. Before going to doctor you can try some homely treatments. You can give your child sugar free chewing gum to chew, or you can guide him to eat corn in good quantity.

There are many other causes of bad breath, which every individual must know. Allergy, cold, temperature, etc. can also cause bad breath. Some children have the habit of trapping some food particles at the backside of their teeth. If this food remains in their mouth for a considerable period, it creates a ground for bacteria to play their toxic role. Make sure that your child does brush his teeth before going to sleep. When our body is suffering with any disease or allergy, our mouth turns out to be dry and in a dry mouth suit bacteria very much.

Sometimes a small particle in the air gets stuck in the child’s nose. It creates infection and becomes the cause of bad breath. Sometimes our toothbrush is not of good quality. Toothbrush should be of soft nature for a child up to the age of 8 years and after this age, children should use medium natured toothbrush.

Drink water in good quantity and also guide your baby to do the same. Your child not only needs your care and love but also your wisdom too.