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children bedwettingBed wetting is one of the most common ailments spread over a large number of kids all over the world. It sometimes is not a big problem especially when the child grows over it at the right age. Life becomes a living hell hole when this problem stays for long in children only to hamper their personalities as a result making them meek and spiritless.

The medical term for bed wetting is “enuresis”. If it gets better with time and at the right age of the child, it doesn’t pose a threat to his personality at all. But in reverse cases, where it stays on incurably, troubling the child by not allowing him to attend night out parties with his friends, camps etc, it becomes a living nightmare. There are many causes of bed wetting in kids.

Enuresis is also a hereditary ailment. You will notice that people who suffer from this have several cases going through the same state even in the past. For example one of the parents must have suffered the same during his or her childhood days. It could carry on for as long as even the ripe old age of sixteen years of the child if not more. As a result, the kid loses interest in his work very often, he becomes a daydreamer, lacks confidence to a great degree and is meek and timid most of the time.

Bed wetting is a sleep disorder just like sleep walking. An older child who sleeps so soundly that he doesn’t even realize that he needs to visit the toilet at night, is the one who suffers from this disorder. There are several stages of sleep. One of the types of the levels of sleep is the REM or the rapid eye movement state which induces us to dream. But part from the REM state there is a deeper level of slumber which doesn’t even allow the child to wake up when he wishes to go to the toilet, and this is the case of enuresis.

There are also several myths which are sadly associated with this ailment. They could be ranging from using alarms at night to help wake the child up, to the child having a weak or small bladder which causes this disorder. It is quite surprising to see how people look at this sleep related issue, there are times when they know nothing at all, yet they seem to be so confidently vocal about enuresis.

Myths about enuresis

  • Emotional stress at school and home which is causing the child to urinate in his bed at night, irrespective of his age.
  • Bribing the little one to get some positive results which is a mind boggling idea if nothing else.
  • Avoiding fluids at bed time which never helps in such a situation.

Hence in case there is anyone at home including kids, suffering from enuresis, make sure you consult the right doctor for help. Homeopathy has some of the best medicines to combat this problem without fail. But instead of taking this sleep disorder lightly, one must act sooner for a better future of his or her child.