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Causes of Knee Pain In ChildrenKnee pain is common in children and should not be a cause of anxiety. Mostly it is due to the hectic day schedule of the child or little injury, etc. Knee pain in children at night hurts more which causes restless sleep. Normal pain can be relieved by some home remedies like massage and muscles relaxation. But without any proper reason if knee pain persists, doctor must be consulted.

The knee joint in the body is consisting of bones, cartilage and ligament and injury caused to the knee can be painful. The doctor must be consulted in case of severe pain and persistence of it for more than a week. The child is to be given first aid at home and must be rushed to the doctor in case of emergency. There are several causes of knee pain in the children which are identified by the doctor.

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Knee Pain

Osgood Schlatters Disease is a disease of knee that can affect the girls between the age eight to thirteen years and the boys between eleven to fifteen years. The children can have growth spurt which can affect one of both the knees resulting in swelling, tenderness and pain may be experienced over the tibia, a lower leg bone, it may not require any treatment because the pain and swelling will disappear with the passage of time. An ice and pain relievers can be used to minimize the pain or elastic bandage can be used in order to compress the paining area to get relief.

Parapatellar Knee Pain Syndrome is the pain around patella in both knees is experienced in this disease. The physical activities like running, bending knees, jumping climbing can aggravate the pain which may resulting in damage to the cartilage layer covering the posterior area of the patella. Knee bending exercises should be stopped till there is improvement in the condition. Some medication like ibuprofen can be taken after consulting the doctor to reduce the inflammation and pain.

Osteochondritis Dissecans: A piece of knee cartilage can get separated to cause irritability and pain in the knee joint resulting in locking of knee, pain and swelling. The worse can occur on the knee giving way at times. It is diagnosed via X-ray and children with severe symptoms have to undergo arthroscopic surgery in order to repair the damage but minor problem will get healing on its own.

Patellar Dislocation: The knee cap or patella can get dislocated giving swelling of the knee joint and pain around the patella will be felt. The mobility gets impaired and displacement of knee cap is experienced. The children don’t need to worry because displaced patella often slips back into place without any kind of treatment.  Immobilization of the knee is required to keep the knee cap slipping movement in control. The knee is extended for six weeks to be followed by knee strengthening exercises.

Juvenile rheumatoid Arthritis, septic arthritis or bone cancer, dislocated knee, fractures, torn cartilage, injury to collateral and cruciate ligaments are the other causes of knee pain.

  • Sudden jolting movement  and running on rough surfaces be avoided.
  • Reduce weight to avoid injury.
  • Strong muscles around knee  can provide protection.
  • Try to warm up before exercises.
  • Be careful while playing  not to injure the knee.
  • Heal the knee wounds quickly to any knee problem.