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baby acne causes and remediesBabies are known for a flawless, soft, supple and a velvety skin. They are born to be held in the arms and play with their cheeks which glow once they begin having mother’s milk. Many a time it is noticed that once they are born, their skin is without flaw but within the first four or five month’s time, everything changes. Their skin begins to get rashes which don’t vanish too soon. After that you get to see pimples on them which is so very alarming for a mother as she thinks it’s far too early for that to happen.

What causes baby acne ?

Babies get pimples on their skin only when their sebaceous glands begin to secret a lot of oil. It is only when this oil gland starts secreting more oil than what is required, that the baby starts getting acne. This is a rare phenomenon when it comes to little ones but in certain cases it just transpires and perplexes everybody.

Many believe that it is hereditary when a baby gets acne. That means only when acne runs in a family will the little one get is too, which is not correct in all cases. There may be a case or two where in it could hold true but when it comes to the question that, why is a little one, who is hardly four months old, getting bothered with acne, there are several answers to it. It could be due to some hormonal imbalance which could cause rashes and acne at any age possible. There are other reasons which include the effect of the genes and heredity which, like discussed earlier, could be the major reason for the same.

Sometimes when the mother is undergoing some sort of a treatment during her course of pregnancy, the medicines she takes could also result in the baby getting acne all over his face at a young age of 4 or five months. Hence there are many reasons which could cause the ugly acne to conceal the cute supple face of a new born baby in certain cases.

Baby acne home remedies

Once the acne problem has been diagnosed the infant should be immediately treated by the best doctor around. Make sure that the medicines given to him aren’t strong enough to hamper his delicate new body. The sooner he gets treated the better it will be for him.

Apart the treatment that his doctor would follow, you could even begin home remedies by washing his face and body with a medicated soap at home. Make sure you use only warm water to clean him each time you take him to the bathroom for the same. Warm water helps a lot in clearing one’s face of acne and rashes. Avoid the soap from getting into the baby’s eyes and be very careful else it might just enter his mouth in the process.

Newborn baby acne or rash, though not very common, is purely curable. So once you know your child has it, don’t panic, just take him to the best doctor and get him treated for a better face.