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Causes of Poor Performance of Children in SchoolsIt’s a very common problem with many a student that they don’t perform at school as expected. This naturally is a source of great worry for the parents and teachers as well. What the reasons behind it ? Is it the defective education system or is it some kind of lapse (intentioned or inadvertent) on part of the child. Let’s ponder over this problem a bit.

Actually the thing is that the education system is a kind of generalization that is thought to fit well the educational needs of most of the students. But it has been seen that many (not few) children are not able to fit in the scheme of things as envisaged by the education system. Some children don’t possess that amount or type of intelligence where as the others are not able to develop interest in studies.

It also has been seen that in many a case that there is some emotional or physical problem lurking behind a student’s under performance. Such a thing may be as simple as a food allergy. In fact, students who are prone to food allergies may not be able to do well in sports and extra-curricular activities as well. Once these allergies are brought under control, things do improve.

Similarly, emotional problems in a child may also lead to anxiety and averseness to studies and tests (especially). Some children have been reported to faint at the venue of a test itself. A competent counselor can help such children improve their concentration power and comprehension level. The solution is much quicker and easier if parents devote proper time to such children, even at the cost of their household chores and other pleasures.

Extreme measures like scolding, beating etc. haven’t proved to be successful in such cases. It’s only love, understanding and sympathy that work. If you nag or punish such a child, he may altogether lose his interest in studies in addition to developing a feeling of frustration and depression. Mostly, such feelings lay buried in the tender minds of children as they don’t or are not able to convey these to their parents. Such a scenario can be dangerous at a later stage of the child growth.

How to improve child performance ?

Rather, try to develop a routine with your child. You should develop a strong bond with your child and ensure that he/she is at the study table at a particular time in a day. Small fluctuations are acceptable as regards time of study but the routine mustn’t be broken in any case. You have to sit by your child through the whole time.

Encourage him to study. Tell him that by studying his mind will improve and he would become sharper and more intelligent than his friends. Give him incentives like a good gift in case he stands first (or does exceptionally well) in his exams. These measures do benefit in the long run as the child’s mind gets conditioned in a positive way.