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chest congestion in infantsChest congestion in infants is caused by infection which leads to formation of mucus in the lungs and respiratory tract. Infant may feel problem in breathing properly. It is very common problem in children. Common cold may cause this ailment. Consult the doctor in case of severity or emergency.


Chest congestion in infants may occur due to viral, bacterial or fungal infection in upper respiratory tract. Common cold causes chest congestion in most of the cases. It leads to huge amount of mucus secretion to congest chest and nose as well. Babies are more affected owing to their developing immune system. Mucus is secreted as a defense mechanism due to irritants triggering allergies in the body which build up respiratory tract to congest chest also.


Child feels sleeplessness and difficulty in breathing. Phlegm becomes hard inside the chest not to cough it out easily. Remedies are required to melt the phlegm or to eliminate sluggish liquid from the body.

Home remedies and treatment
  • Infant cold treatment remedies and chest congestion is bit difficult. Keep the nose of the child free from mucus. Drip a small amount of saline solution in nose. Clear hard mucus in nose with the help of bulb syringe after few minutes.
  • Vapor rub is rubbed on chest to give relief by clearing nasal pipe and removing stuffiness. If vapor rub is allergic to child, stop this treatment immediately.
  • Make infant to sleep in an elevated position and don’t use pillows to stop growth of mucus in chest.
  • Honey is one of the best home remedy for chest congestion for infants and adults as well. It has contained hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria to decongest chest for normal breathing.
  • Make mucus thin by using humidifying method. Give the child nasal steam with vapour rub. Avoid making the child overheated or chilled. Never expose the infant to direct steam that can burn. Don’t stay in steamy bath for more than fifteen minutes.
  • Vinegar solution, a pinch of salt or bleach can be added to minimize bacterial growth. Doctor must be contacted immediately in case of emergency like a running fever, coughing up bloody mucus or colored one. If the child shows irritable or lethargic symptoms like ear infection, struggling for breath, wheezes and has congestion for more than a few days, child is really in crisis to be treated .

Breastfeeding provides antibodies to help to fight viruses like cold. Keep the infant away from sick child or person. Try to wash hands before feeding or caring babies and advise others to do the same. Make the toys of baby cleaned. Stop the child to chew toys or other things. Breastfeeding mother should eat proper diet and take notice of congestion symptoms of infant. Do not smoke near the baby, keep preventive medicines and avoid infected persons.