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The modern technology has made our household tasks a very simple thing to do. Fully automatic washing machines, computers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, ovens etc. have saved a lot of time for us and we can do a variety of other work because of these high-tech gadgets. Moreover these gadgets are so simple to work with that even children can use them with ease.

Benefits of doing household tasks

Some people are opposed to the idea that children should be engrossed in household work. They opine that they should be given full time for studying and playing. But a balanced view is that children should be taught to do household chores, in addition to their studying and playing. It develops certain manners and skills in them, which they require at a later stage of their life.

Effect on children

Children develop the feeling of being useful to the family and hence build up close ties with the family. This is the utmost need of our time. Sometimes the parents snub their children whenever they want to do some chore themselves. This leads to the development of bitter feelings in children as they feel left out and cannot understand as to why they are not allowed to do anything when they are also an important part of the family.

Moreover, children will realize the importance of any task if they do it themselves. If you over protect your child and believe that he is sure to get hurt every time he touches a thing in the house, you are sure to make a lethargic and idle person out of your child. The child will also not appreciate your doing of the same job because he will never come to know as to how much labor is put in, in even a simple looking task.

A good habit is developed

Gradually, children develop the good habit of arranging things and keeping their surroundings tidy. Simple tasks such as watering the plants, piling up things, folding of clothes etc. make the child self-dependent and he is never bothered by the enormity of any kind of work in his future life because he inadvertently has mastered the art of management and organization.

Children can live alone with ease

These days children have to live in boarding houses or as paying guests far away from their family. The reason may be their education, job or any other kind of necessity. A child who has been doing the household jobs with regularity finds it very easy to adjust and thrive at a strange place. He tends to understand his responsibility and believes in the fact that one has to be accountable to oneself before being accountable to anybody else.

Parents should understand that in this fast and complex world of today it is not always possible for parents to live with their children. They do a great favor to their children by acquainting them with and training them in the tasks of everyday life.