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While celebrating the fifth birthday of the child the parents are quite excited. In fact the excitement starts quite some time earlier. Parents start recollecting the days when the child was born and how time has passed. At five the child is somewhat grown up and is in a position to do a number of things on his own, but still requires help of parents as he or she is in the process of growing up and learning. It is at this time the parents are able to properly judge the development of the child. Though the level of development differs from child to child, remember that if you feel that your child is lagging in some way do consult the paediatrician.

This is time for the child to go to school. The child who remained glued to the mother or some other relative who looked after him while the mother was working starts feeling somewhat independent. The child will like to be on his own in his room playing with toys or doing some work. Sometimes you can make the child sit with you to watch TV or read a book, so that the association and affection the child has with you is further bonded. During free time which you start getting now when the child is in his room, have some relaxation.

The child at five is able to talk clearly. He can understand you and can also express properly. This is time to have healthy discussion with him about his going to school, selecting game which he will like to play, his friends and plan of decorating his room. Spend as much time possible in teaching him some basic things like alphabets with associated objects, numbers and poems. The more time you will devote the better level of understanding child will develop.

Around this age the child will start to lose his teeth normally, the ones in front. Do not ridicule the child, instead give him a gift, purportedly from the tooth fairy. Encourage the child to make friends and devote some time to play with them. Remember this is the age for him to learn to be disciplined. Don’t leave him to do his own thing but structure his time.

The child develops his muscles fast and needs a nourishing diet. Ensure that he gets a balanced diet and does sufficient exercise. If the child has not gone to playschool earlier he will start crying while going to school and will not like to leave you. For a few days spending some time in school will help him settle down.