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When the child is three years of age he is mobile and starts exploring the world around him. He will start moving around in the home from one room to the other. When between twenty four to thirty six months of age, the child will be able to remember the location of his home even when nearby. He will also be able to identify his clothes and other belongings reflecting level of increased mental development.

At the thirty six months of age, the child will develop some routine and will love to stick to timing. It will be possible for the mother to start potty training, making him sit on a toilet seat at a fixed time. She will be able to judge from his actions of his desire to go to the toilet. Though unable to understand about watch or timings, the child has developed an internal watch in him. He will like to have food at a particular time and will have almost fixed sleeping time. Even if he is not bathed around the set time, he will start creating a fuss.

The little one will start selecting clothes he would like to wear after a bath. The child will also try to put on socks and shoes when told to be ready to go out for a walk or games in a public park. It will be noticed that during this period with every passing day the memory status of the child is developing.

When beyond twenty four months of age the child understands how to get his desires met by parents. He develops the understanding that if parents do not listen to him, he can persuade them by crying or shouting and in worst case by lying and rolling on the floor. At this point of time he starts saying NO to the parents when asked to do something. This is the time when parents need to be firm and not to succumb to all demands made by the child.

The child starts getting bored and wants to get new toys and have friends. He will not sit at one place for long and will move around in house. There will be tendency to go out of the house or throw things. The parents need to be very careful about his movements at this age and should not keep things within reach which can be a cause of harm to the child. If the house is situated on the upper floor, the staircase or the main door should be kept securely locked.

During these months child gets maximum vaccinations to immunise him from diseases in his future life. Be very particular about them.