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The growth of a child depends upon a number of factors. Some children tend to grow faster as compared to others. There is no hard and fast rule to ascertain as to at what age what will be the level of development of the child. Though the parents whose children are developing slowly get worried, but as a rule if the development of the child is progressive although somewhat slow, be patient and let the child take time to grow and develop various senses.

When the child is about one year or twelve months of age, he or she starts to understand some commands and show resentment. The child will be able to understand the meaning of NO and will be able to recognise his name when called. He will smile when someone talks to him, reflecting understanding. It is at this age the child will try to start saying some words like MUMMY or PAPA or other incomplete names of the things which he wants to eat etc.

The child will be able to pick up a toy and hand it over to you when you demand. The resentment will be apparent when he will throw away the toy or start weeping loudly lying or rolling on floor, or make faces. This is normal level of development. Some children may start this a month earlier or a month later, there is nothing to worry about.

It is at this age a child will start taking steps holding the side of a bed or table, and may try to take a few steps independently. This is the time when parents are most excited. They will manage to buy some things like walkers or shoes. It is always better to wait for some time till the child is stable before rushing for these things. It is observed that the girl child is slightly faster in picking up things as compared to boys. This is normal and is no cause for worry.

Often parents of children of the same age start discussing development. Some children with taller parents are bound to gain height faster and some children are fat. Do not compare your child with others about the physical appearance, or even level of development of intellect or development of speech.

A normal well balanced diet should be given. Try teaching some basic things to the child like holding bottle while feeding, or expressing your displeasure when the child urinates in clothes and taking the child to toilet often will help the child to learn to tell when he feels the urge. Some parents try to give the child special diets to improve development. This is not good, do not try to rush. Let the child take his or her time to grow, this will be beneficial in the long run.