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Parents watch eagerly each and every development of their children. The behavior of the child changes with each passing month. At the age of twenty four months, the child has grown up from the stage of being a helpless innocent person demanding help for everything, into a slightly bigger child able to move around and properly express feelings.

Some parents, out of sheer excitement, start expecting too much from the child while celebrating second birthday. It should be remembered that though the child has grown, still he/she has to learn a lot. Briefly described hereunder is as to what should be expectation from the child.

Often parents start toilet training of the child quite early but by the time child is of two years, it should be expected that he or she will be in a position to tell the mother of desire to go to the toilet, and will not soil diapers or clothes. However, sometimes if the child is engrossed in some other activity, he may forget to tell. Don’t get panicky. Some children take a slightly longer time to learn to tell, so don’t worry and irritate.

At this age the child becomes inquisitive and wants to know about the things he sees around. Due to repeated questions the parents often get annoyed, remember to keep cool. The child is trying to learn and you are the only source from where he can get explaining. The child starts to learn to be social. He will like to play with other children of his age. This will bring a major change in the life of the child. If there are not many children around, take him to some public park and encourage her to meet other children. Despite being friendly he may not like to share his toys with other children. Encourage him to share toys but never force the issue. Your child will also fight with other children over trivial things. Explain that fighting is not good and it is good to have friends.

The child at twenty four months will be able to recognise some alphabets, numbers and colors. This is the time when you should seriously start teaching some new things like nursery rhymes or names of colors, and you have to prepare your child to be ready to go to play school. The more you talk to her, the faster will be the learning process.

Buy your child some simple puzzle to play with and let her assemble parts to make some familiar objects. Though he may encounter some difficulty to do this but it will help to a large extent to develop reasoning power.

At this age you have to be very particular about your behaviour and being with your husband. The child picks up things fast. Be ready to run after him as he will be sometimes happy to throw or break things. In case you need to punish him, try time out and be harsh only when the things go out of hand.