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It is very surprising as well as remarkable that these days children are more knowledgeable that their parents. It is a result of the IT revolution and the computers both. It is a common experience that almost every school has provided computers to its students. So, it’s quite natural that children are greatly interested in computers in general and the Internet in particular. But being parents it’s our duty to make our children acquainted with the pros and cons of Internet. It is not a difficult thing to protect your children from the bad effects of Internet. What is required is participation of the whole family and strict adherence to the rules. 

Train your child properly before internet usage

These rules are very easy to implement and demand time and curiosity from the parents’ side. The parents must talk to their child about his experiences while he surfed the Internet. They must devote proper time to their child so that he develops self-confidence and articulation. The child should be taught to listen to his inner voice and to tell about any thing that did not appeal to his conscience. 

How to communicate with people on-line ?

Small points definitely add up to a lot and are extremely helpful in protecting your child from the evils of Internet. You should acquaint your child with the dangers that are associated with surfing on the Internet. You should teach him the manners and etiquette that are mandatory while chatting on-line with other people. They should be given training to be respectful towards the person who is on the other side of the line. They should be prohibited from copying files from the Internet and should be told that this act is no different from stealing. 

How to protect personal information on Internet ?

The children should be warned that if they give their address, contact number, etc. while chatting it can become a source of great financial and personal loss for them. This is the most important thing to be told to children because it is the way through which unscrupulous person approach children and exploit them. The children should use pet names while chatting. They should prefer to chat on services like MSN messenger. It is because such services provide the facility to chat only with those persons who are known to you.

Everything on internet is not authentic

The children should be educated that each and every piece of information available on the Internet is not authentic and they should learn to use their own knowledge and common sense while deciding about the authenticity of anything displayed on the Internet. They should also be told about the potential dangers of sharing information on the net. Parents should also take the help of the latest software. Softwares are available in the market that can monitor your child’s surfing in a foolproof and efficient manner. Such soft wares should be a part of every computer that is accessed by children. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

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